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Lupus specialists in North West England. Know any?

Hello you fellow rag tag bunch! Thanks for your advice, wisdom and love. I am raised up by you all.

I want a referral to a "proper" Lupus specialist. HELP.

Do you see an ace specialist in the Northwest? Can you convince me of your confidence in them? can you help?

Have you sought a referral because of lack of confidence in the Rheumy you were assigned to? Did it work? Was it easy? Any tips?

My love and respect for you all is immeasurable. Your help, "just" chewing the fat is far reaching. Bless you all.

As I have learned from a place so dark, again, we are not alone.

You are all angels of mercy despite your own troubles.

Gentle hugs and fond wishes to us all


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Footy girl

For the last ten years I have been attending professor Bruce at Manchester Royal Infirmary. He actually diagnosed Lupus after I had a heart attack a heart and has been outstanding . I travel some distance to attend his clinic and you must have a referral and his clinics are very busy and he takes time to listen .

Hope you find this information helpful,

Jean ,

now nearly at the top but not over the hill!

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Hi again notoverthehill

You say you have to travel a distance to see Prof Bruce. How far? Were you blocked from seeing him? Were there others about but you stuck out for him?

How did you get the referral? Any tips. Note my surgery are not co operating with me, I think I have TIMEWASTER on my notes which is the only guess I have for their unhelpfulness. But, as we know on here we can get ignored for ages.

Anyway, please help if you can. Going to try for Monday so any help before then will be so so appreciated.

Many thanks and hugs



Hi Footygirl,

Professor Ian Bruce is a world leading lupus specialist and has a clinic at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. Perhaps you could seek a referral there?


Thank you Thank you Paul. A real expert and not a million miles away.

Thank you

I will let you know what happens

Bless you

Have a great week end


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👍👌🍀🍀🍀🍀 good luck footy!

Hope you'll keep us posted

XO 😊


Oh good luck to you footy girl. Should you find yourself transported to Australia , I CAN help you 😂!

Penelope-Mary 🐨🐚🌻



Transported? Do they do that still? 👏👏😀😀😀😂😂😂😀😀😀

Seriously what a sweet thought. Thank you across the miles dear Lupus buddy.

Ditto England




Well, stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family of 8, could still work ?😂

Thank you for your reply Lupus mate (🐨)!




Ha! These days probably!

Extra thanks for the shot of sunshine... Water warm enough to swim in... Bikini weather

Yeh, cheers, thanks, lovely..




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I see Prof Bruce at Manchester Royal and cannot recommend him highly enough. I was seeing a Rheumatologist at my local hospital but he had the courage to say he had gone as far as he could with my Lupus so he referred me to the Prof who is a Lupus specialist. He has made some decisions about my treatment and I await a response from it. Waiting for Rituximub to kick in


DaleDiva, thanks so much. Another mention of Prof Bruce. I am revving up to try to get an early apt with a senior gp on Monday or asap to ask for referral to him.

I shall let you all know how things go, especially being armed with my patient Rrights curtesy of the CAB site via an amazing person on this site.

So so grateful to you all



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Sorry, Keyes. Credit to you for CAB link on Patient Rights




Not Lupus related at al, but who are your team? Care to guess who I support ;)



Dale? Yorkshire??

Leeds? Bradford?


I fear a wrong step, like saying up United to a City fan!

Its the wrong one anyway, there's only one team and our play is poetry in motion, well it was again today, eventually





Rochdale.... ;)

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I have had a few Rituximab infusion with the result of no lupus pain but still got osteo pain and recently developed Sorgerns but have had no adverse effects from the infusion and as I say the relief from no lupus pain is a joy .I will see Prof Bruce s clinic shortly



Jean, shd we wear red hats or something in case we cross in clinic? Ha

So glad your treatment goes so well. You are filling me with confidence!

Hey that's an idea! Red Hats, No thats another lot of balm pots!

Purple scarves? Butterfles in our hair? Everywhere? so we can recognise our large band of Lupus mates?

Perhaps not. But imagine, being in a place where EVERYONE has heard of Lupus! Wow.

Can't count 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓 not got referral yet!

Hey ho

Continued better health Jean



Hoping to sleep. Roll on Monday

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