Well folks, sorry for not being on here for a while. It's taken me a while to get used to it and still learning to find my way around. I've got a date for the removal of my gallbladder, this Saturday, not only that, someone smashed into the back of our car and suffering from whiplash, along with that I've not been diagnosed with Lupus yet, I've got my second appointment sometime soon! Got pinkness over my nose and cheeks, fingers, wrists, feet joints swollen and painful, hips are now hurting for the first time, the tiredness is overwhelming and just wondering how I'm going to recover from this operation! :(

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  • Hi Carolha

    are you having keyhole surgery.i am fro my gallbladder op(on15th)unless there are any complications.same as you I have symptoms of lupus-butterfly rash on face,around my finger and toe nails,joints painful and swollen and fatigue which is so disabling.my dr wont confirm anything. I have had sore throat and lumps in my neck/dr agreed my throat was still sore(after 3 weeks)and said glands are ok but dismissed the pain,tightness and cough I have had since last sept. read it is something called Graves Disease.dr wont diagnose anything just says what its not.rapidly losing faith in nhs.


  • hello, if there are no complications I will be having keyhole surgery. My GP referred me to a private hospital that takes nhs patients and I've heard nothing but good reports. I informed the specialist there about my lupus being un diagnosed, he was very sympathetic and said he wouldn't let me go home before he knew that I was ok. It's just everything seems to have come together, whiplash, flare up and operation!

  • I think you should both see another doctor, they are not referring you as it saves them money! TELL the doctors/surgeon you see at hospital that you are suspected Lupus suffers as it can affect the healing process. Also general Anesthetics can cause a Lupus flare and they need to know. They can tell if you have Lupus with a special blood test. I was in the same situation 30 years ago and that was when I was diagnosed. Good Luck Girls xx

  • thank you hazel. I intend to speak to the surgeon before I have my op on Wednesday and tell him that my swollen stomach maybe either a cyst or a tumour and that I have lupus symptoms and possible thyroid condition(Graves).posted some printouts of lupus symptoms to my dr today as i had fibro fog and forgot to give them to him when i saw him yesterday-not that he will take note.

  • Thank you x. Do you know if lupus can cause problems with the gallbladder?

  • Yes, lupus can cause inflammation of the biliary ducts which affect the gallbladder.

  • Thank you Purpletop. Would the results of this operation be able to show if I have lupus or not do you think?

  • Only if they take a biopsy at the time of the surgery and then send it for analysis. You might want to speak to your consultant about this as it will need to be organised with the surgeon prior to surgery.

  • This is going back 30 years and they said I had gall stones which I did, but when they operated they said the Lupus had rotten my gall bladder and had to take it out. You might be lucky and it might just be the stones they can disolve. Good luck.xx

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