Drug confusion over earlier class 2 recall


First line reads of the article reads.....

All unexpired stock of the above products is being recalled to pharmacy, clinic and wholesaler level, irrespective of pack configuration, batch number and expiry date.

I have been supplied with a drug from Wockhart that is on the list. The pharmacy says that I am ok as it is a different batch number.

Does anyone know if this is the case or not?

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I was unable to get extra info previously as I collected my drugs at the weekend. So I was unable to effectively challenge the assurances from the pharmacist that I was ok as the drug he was dispensing was part of a different batch number.

However, this morning I contacted the MHRA on the listed telephone number. I am now aware that P/L refers to product licence, and as such covers ALL batches of drugs with a particular product licence.

As such the drug should NOT have been dispensed after all. I have again contacted the pharmacy who have asked me to return the drug.

I hope this is of use to anyone else who may be in receipt of such an item.


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