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Was on naproxen

I cant find my old posts... plaquinil was lowered at only one a day now (only on 2.5 weeks), because killer headache,the runs,etc ...still have an aversion to certain colors (extra bright now).

No steroids thanks..yes i know great for some folks, but not me...

I was taking Dr. strength diclofenac(voltarin), but didnt do a thing..


But a lady recommended Naproxen (aleve)...BINGO!!!! thankyou if you are out there, it works for me:)

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,In uk consulants no prefer to give naproxen as diclofenac can have greater cardiovscular risk, ps diclofenac can cause runs as well as hydroxy


Glad you got sorted. I am on Naproxen and have been for aprox. 30 years. I am now on One 250 tab. a day. Make sure you get the COATED ones as they do not affect your guts as much. Good luck.xx