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Hydroxychioroquine Sulphate

Hello ive been to Rheumy Clinic this morning and have now been put on Hydroxychioroquine Sulphate 200mg , does anyone what these tablet are ment to do for us ie do they help with pain and swelling etc, sorry for being thick.

Rheumy is weaning me off steroids ive been on them one year and I put on over 3st but since March ive lost one stone don't know where or how !


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hydroxyl is a dmard- disease modifying antirhumatic drug, basically it reduces pain and inflammation, it does not stop the disease but slows it down. I have been on it for about 2 months and think it has been working for me, it can have side effects ie diarrhoea and abdo pain. I may be having issues soon as on Saturday my trial of the hydroxyl finishes so im now a little worried as not prescribed more till review with rhumy ???? when. just so you know it can take upto 6 months to work as its an accumulative effect. good luck, mark.


It alters the bodies acid balance, and has a slight amphetamine effect. It can do wonders, but it often upsets the digestion for a few weeks as you get used to it. Dont sneeze, whatever you do.

For me it was the miracle which gave me back my hands.


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