Does anyone else suffer the following?

I have been diagnosed with SLE, fibromyalgia, AS etc etc for 14 years now. I have recently (started in nov 2013) been getting upper gastric pain, vomiting, lack of appetite, massive weight loss - six and and half stone - been into hospital a few times,they dose me with morphine but never get to the root of the problem. Had endoscopy all pretty normal. Consultant thinks could be food getting stuck due to muscle weakness?

All info greatly received

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Sounds very similar to my Helicobacter pylori symptoms (gut over produces bacteria). I didn't get it sort until I went private, so am unsure why NHS missed it.


I was getting the most dreadful abdominal pain, under my ribs and in my left side. Also couldn't eat anything, lots of gastric pain and bile coming up. Burning all the way up to my throat, no sleep etc it was hell. Found I have a hiatus hernia and now on medication. I don't know if it's common with Lupus though but you can ask. I also had an endoscopy but they didn't see it so keep pushing. I do hope you get better soon. Kind wishes, Carol


Lupus is so complex and l had all the above including been treated for helicobacter pylori a few years ago and still I was vomiting and chest or abdominal pains.

After many tests I was told the muscles of my esophagus was now weak and the food isn't going down into my stomach quickly so it sometimes could take over six hours or more for it to go into my stomach. If I eat again while it is in my esophagus I will start to hiccup and then vomit even if I was to have a drink.

Now I learn to eat small amounts often and try not to have a drink when we go out for a meal and have a starter for my main course.

I have to take Omeprazole 20mg daily and also antacid liquid medication when the acid gets too much. I keep a bottle by my bed and have the head of my bed on bricks.

Hope this helps. :)


Just googled ('swallowing difficulties and lupus') and found this information:

"...Dysphagia, which manifests itself as difficulty swallowing typically solids but often both solids and liquids occurs in more than 25% of patients with Lupus. Symptoms may be intermittent and may lead to progressive weight loss and even obstructive symptoms while eating solids such as breads or meat especially if not well chewed. Endoscopic treatment is effective in most patients. During the endoscopy esophageal dilation using Maloney dilators or balloon dilators is effective in most patients for restoring normal swallowing sensation and ability. This disorder may require periodic dilations in combination with daily acid blockers..."


I have some problems with swallowing (coming and going), though doesn't sound as bad as yours. I can't really eat anything unless I have some fluid with it. I drink a lot of water (..also has Raynauds) and at times with swallowing difficulties, it often goes down the wrong way. Guess it's part and parcel of it all! I hope you get the support you need very soon. xxx :)


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