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Does anyone have experience with Plaquenil and breastfeeding?

My son is just six weeks and i have not taken any of my meds since before he was born, now i am paying for it. I don't want to give up breastfeeding but i don't know how long i can go without my meds, especially as i have two older children as well. My rhuematologist believes that there is very little chance that the Plaquenil will harm my son, but i am still nervous.

Can anyone tell me their experiences?

Thank you Mem

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Hi, I'm not breast feeding but I took 200mg of plaquinel throughout my pregnancy, my 10 week old son is just fine. My rheumatologist said it was perfectly safe when pregnant so I can only imagine its the same for breast feeding.


I had to start giving my baby formula when I start taking plaquineil. It is really not the beast to breastfeed while on those meds


This is from our booklet 'Lupus: A Guide to Pregnancy' aimed at medical professionals, written by Prof. Caroline Gordon;


Breastfeeding has multiple benefits to both mother and baby. It is safe to breastfeed whilst taking prednisolone, hydroxycholoquine and heparin or warfarin. Most centres will advise that is is safe to breastfeed whilst taking azathioprine as there are only low levels of the active metabolite in breast milk.


Hi, i am curious how was your pregnancy? Was it considered high risk? I have sle and APS and pre lupus diagnoses i lost my baby at 26 wks due to pre-eclampsia, but went on to have 2 healthy pregnancies treated with clexane and aspirin. I have since been diagnosed with lupus which ofcourse was a major factor in complications with first pregnancy. I would love another baby but im too scared to even consider it. I am curious though to know how you got through it?


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