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Can I ask if someone has had a positive ANA, and a negative DSDNA but still been diagnosed with Lupus? I have speckled pattern 1:80 titre

Im blessed with pernicious anemia, kidney problems, Ive been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, bruises so eaisily, sores that just wont heal, I have flares, and dont stand the sunlight totally exhausted, my eyes sting and my mouth is very dry. my joints are horrible, fingers, hands, toes, ankles, etc, cysts hair loss help please, im pretty scared, i just found out about the RA and have no idea what to expect, but the results came back saying more testing is needed, mixed connective tissue, SLE, Scleroderma or sjogrens: but it was a negative DSDNA? Thank you so very much!

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Trust me I REGARD RA as less serious disease.. my original diagnosis was of this nature but now with a positive ANA test my consultant is considering lupus... sorry dont know the reading mine was.. you could look into the NRAS site that im on too for RA..hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate and azathioprine can be used for both conditions x


thank you for that answer

I just wondered if with further testing if I still could have lupus

i was just tested at a GP with the positive ANA and the titre of 1:80

but the negative DSDNA, it said suggestive of SLE, possible mixed connective tissue disease, scleroderm, or sjoegrens syndrome;

now hes sending me to a rhuemy. so I was confused, especially with all my

other symptoms

I wish you the best! :)


Yes, I had positive ANA and the rest of the blood tests negative when I was diagnosed. But the symptoms, coupled with pericarditis helped the lupus diagnosis at the time.


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