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Advice on power port

Can anyone tell me why my new power port is not working? it was put in 2 weeks ago my GP tried to access it this morning he managed to put heparin into it but no draw back of blood. I am on my 3rd portacath now the first lasted 2 half years and the last one was just 15 moths, i am so disappointed my veins just collapse all the time.Also can any gripper needle be used ?

Next question i had my port removed 2 weeks ago and i have since come across a piece of it being left in me will this become a problem if left and not taken out?

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Here are a few reasons - the end of the cath(inside,opposite end of access ) can develop whats called a sheath, a small flap of clotted blood that is flopping around and when your dr draws back this flap or sheath closes like a door in this case there is a med used called tpa(givin in a small dose, not to be confused with its use in treatment as a clot buster for strokes ect.)after a push of tpa there is a wait 30 min- 1 hr depending on your care giver, and the sheath will be desolved. Another is the inside cath has moved up against the vessel wall(which can be seen in a chest X-ray) if they do not feel it can be manipulated by a I.radiologist, a new port is needed. These are just a few of the more common problems.

You should talk to your reumo, vascular and I. Radiologist, to have your particular problem worked out.

Your power port is accessed by a power port huber needle, your cath or tubing stays inside and the huber needle is removed after its used and put back in when that port is used again.

Again, part of getting through illness is from personal

Empowerment "learn and know all that is happening to your body.

I wish you all the best.


Thanks for your reply just came back from GP and after 50 mins finally got it working very temperamental, Just hope it works again on friday especially as i now have to have bloods taken at least twice a week for life as my INR is all over the place. x


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