Advice please

I am on a course of steroids for a lupus flare and for the past couple of weeks have had a bit of a cough. I have now lost my voice and feel like i should have a hacking cough but can't. I don't feel particluarly ill and don't want to see my doc who thinks I am a hypochondriac anyway!!!

Has anyone else goten ill whilst on steroids and how did they cope?

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Hello tiredmum,

I am on steroids and when I have had an infection in the past my rheumatologist advised that I should wait for my body to naturally recover. You say that you don't feel particularly ill so just be sensible and look after yourself and let it take its course.


Thanks Jude,

my sentiments exactly ,



Hiya tiredmum, can't give you any answers but hope your feeling better soon (((x))), take care, Mandy :)


Hello Tiredmum.

I think that you have the measure of this. And as for your Doctor thinking that you are a hypo. Sod him. We know better. But most importantly -YOU know better


Hi, I don't know if it's the same but I asked a question about voice loss a few weeks ago, you might like to take a look, I got quite a lot of responses. Hope it helps, and that you feel better soon


I regularly have a sore throat loss of voice which is at best annoying - lucky I'm not a telephonist - This bout has lasted since Christmas. I suppose part of the process is good recovery time - easier said than done.

Hope you are feeling better soon



Hi there

I haven't been on steroids for many years now but don't think I had problems with my voice/throat when I was on them. However, in the past 3 years I've developed a throat/voice problem so I can completely understand what you mean by not being able to cough properly. It's a horrible feeling as you've got the constant sensation that you want to clear your throat and you can't? So far I haven't found anything that especially helps apart from drinking plenty of water - when you feel you want to cough, try taking a few sips - I do find this helps a bit. Hopefully as others have said, your body will heal naturally and this problem will clear.

By the way, I get the feeling that my docs think I'm a hypochondriac too which puts me off even going there. I'm convinced my inflamed throat must be lupus-related and an over-reaction by my body to an extended cough that I had three years ago which gave me laryngeal spasm but the consultant wouldn't consider this idea. I'd love to know what anyone else thinks about voice/throat issues and lupus????


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