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Dry cough sore throat since starting methotrexate


Now been on it 8weeks and this dry cough with a sore throat and runny nose has been consistent I must say that I was ready for coming off it ,as I was getting too many side effects ,but now that I persevered I'm feeling so much better. Just don't know if this throaty thing will go away Anyone any experience .The doc sees no infections so its def coming from the meth

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I have been like that since January and I am NOT on that medication, I went to the doctors 3 times and he said it was a 'virus' then I got realy bad two weeks ago and went to the chemist for yet more medicine for the cough etc. The chemist sent me straight to the doctors as they said it should not not last that long. Saw a different doctor and she examined thoroughly ans she said it was no wonder I was coughing so much I had a bad chest infection and put me on antibiotics, still have the runny nose, sore throat though, just hope these pills clear it up. Hope you soon feel better.xx

Hi Sorry you have had this hope the anti biotics work Mine is not a virus just a side effect of the methotrexate Which I was hoping would clear on its own Take care

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