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Last Friday the GP was referring me to a specialist, I phoned today to find the request sat on the admins desk and still not been dealt with

Don't know if you remember but last Friday I had an urgent scan on my gallbladder which showed I had stones. Telephoned my doctor to advise him what had been found and he prescribed my pain killers and said he would be referring me to a specialist (previous examination he said it was most likely gallstones and that my gallbladder would need to be removed). Being in pain I telephoned my GP and the receptionist said that the referral letter hadn't gone yet because it hadn't been marked urgent. My husband took over the conversation, I just couldn't cope. He asked for the doctor to call him back. The doctor prescribed me strong painkillers and was surprised the letter hadn't been sent and marked it priority. When my husband went to pick up my prescription ( the pharmacy shares the admin space, he was met by a frosty greeting from the pharmacist, so my husband presumed that there had been some chit chat. You hear about waiting times at hospitals but don't expect there to be a delay in the GPs admin team. Not happy about this and has anyone experienced this sort of delay before and what can be done?

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It just sounds like the sort of mistake that happens sometimes, as does the buck passing of both the doctor and the administrator. It happens because we're human, but what is so awful about it is the refusal to take responsibility for the failure when you are in so much pain.

I hope you now get your scan very soon and find out what is the matter.


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