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I'm annoyed!!

I am going for a tribunal for DLA this week and requested my med records to submit. I received them this morning and I am well and truly peed off. I have an extremely high white blood cell count, neutrophil and lipoprotein result, all of which I have never been told! I was told that my tremor is down to my stress levels but It turns out however that I have a trapped nerve in my arm (I was told this in a letter from my consultant who I had actually seen that week) as well as lupus and fibromyalgia. My recurring rash is seen to have a 'dense lymphoma infiltration'. Now, I am not a Doc and I have been looking up all these things on the internet and I can't believe that these things have not been told to me, or investigated further. I need these test to be explained to me further and I am not happy that if I hadn't had these medical records, I wouldn't have known. Ooooh I'm angry and just had to blow off steam. xxxx

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That is terrible, you have every right to be angry. It makes me wonder what is in my medical record.



This happened to me i took it to pals and it soon got sorted i had an appointment with hospital and they went through everything, The only thing now my notes have a massive sticker on saying inspected, So every consultant knows i have complained the only good thing i now get treated properly,

Good luck with tribunal i was lucky i never had to go this time around my case was sorted and been awarded for life, but thats not quit true as they now have stopped DLA and its PIP so they will not automatically swap me over but was told would not be contacted till 2015!! as its just ben renewed before the change over date . I also have been put on ESA but not sure when they review this as they say they never let you have for life!!!Even though i will never work again.

Take care good luck xx


I am definitely going to be phoning the hospital or talking to my g.p within the next couple of days. I have also been told that my rheumatoid arthritis tests were normal but on my notes it says that they were high ! Ive calmed down a bit since yesterday but its so terrible when Doctors have managed to make you feel small by seemingly not believing your symptoms but when there's actually evidence to support your symptoms, it makes you angry!


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