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am i just greedy or it this just a multisystem disease for you.

i have a Rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, immunologist, nephrologist, neurologist, bones specialist, dermatologist, in the last 18 months have also seen a gyneacologist, cardiologist, and aneastetics.

begining to think i should have a trophy cabinet.

still i got rid of three last year and gained two. so there is hope.

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Hi Tatty, hope you're keeping ok...only you could make me laugh with such comment..God bless you...


Oh Tatty you are priceless!-This forum does not have the "image" as a really cheering-up place, but you reaaly made me laugh this morning.Thanks for that!!!

BTW, you have less than I have....I can add a neurosurgeon to that lot!!!Only then are we quits!!!

Have a GREAT weekend- at least we've done our bit as far as donations to improve science is concerned....;-)))!!!!


One of my consultants who knows me very well suggested that decapitation mignt work as a last resort. if any one else has said it i would have been offened but i could only laugh,

Shaquila God does bless me thanks!


Keep going and when you are ready for a trophy cabinet let me know and i will some how build you 1 lol

Thanks for putting a smile on my Face.

Love & Sunshine



I know mad really isn't it Tatty. I'm the same , seeing all the same consultants also urologist now too. Having more diseases added to the list now too as I'm getting older. But hey, always look on the bright side of life hey !

Much love to all my fellow lupie sufferers x


thanks lupus friends know im not alone, thanks jan i might take you up on the offer. its lovely to have people who know what juggling consultants pills and apppointments are like.


Brill comments that made me laugh I only see a rhemy i think im missing out on something.....


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