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Laugh for the day

Morning every one. Just reading some of the other this will make you laugh blogs. I was cleaning a house yesterday. This is the 4th time I have been there, but have never had enough time to clean the ladies en suite. Very pokey to say the least.....cleaned sink, tiles, loo and shower glass. Then I noticed the water marks around the taps. Well they had to come off, but I couldn't do it from the outside as I couldn't reach. I flicked around with the cloth, but the cold tap must have been quite loose as it came on and I was drenched down the back. Gosh what a wake up call! Then because of the cold my Raynauds kicked in and my fingers promptly went white. And where is the towel when you need one! lol

At that moment the lady came home. Naturally I commented that I wouldn't do that again in a hurry. Thankfully it was a warmish day and I soon dried out.

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lol , that sort of thing happened to me,i too am a cleaning lady and after cleaning someones shower head I put it back in its holder, a few moments after I knelt down to squeejy water from shower floor when a sudden random burst of cold water shot out the shower head and soaked my back!! luckily no one was home!


When my legs were really bad a few years ago and I was using a stick I used to go in to town once a week to pick up my bits and bobs. I couldn't drive at the time and had to get the bus in and the bus stop was at the top of town. Most of the stuff I needed was in Wilkinson at the other end so I was usually exhausted by the time I got there. I was hobbling around one day really leaning on my stick and I guess my legs just couldn't take it any more and they buckled underneath me! I grabbed on of the shelves to try and hold myself up whilst trying not to trash the whole shop but I was slipping! I was one my own and pretty embarrassed! A few people asked if I was alright but I managed to get myself back together and hobble out...had a quick rest and promptly got on the bus home for a rest! I thought 'that was embarrasing, got out of that one without drawing too much attention to myself'....famous last words!!

The very next week, same time, same place...CRASH!...stacked it in the bathroom aisle!!...this time I was a little upset because I was so embarrassed...NOT AGAIN!!!....a kind lady went and asked a shop assisstant for a chair and I ended up sat on a big swivle chair bang in the middle of the aisle like a big plonker!

Needless to say I avoided WIlkinsons for a while!...

Reply my legs are working properly at the moment I proudly strut around WIlkinsons whenever I get the chance!


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