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Lupus, urticaria vasculitis

Hi, please help. I have urticaria vasculitis under arms, thighs and chest and also have melasma on my face. Has anyone suffered the same and what an i use to clear the darkness. I am under a dermatologist and have been prescribed different creams which don't seem to be working on me. My next appointment in twoweeks is to start on dapsone. Please help. Take care x

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YES!!!!!! Your are the first person I've found that has SLE and urticarial vasculitis. I am on dapsone and hydroxychloriquine (as well as prednisolone & mycophenolate) but my dermatologist gave me pro topic ointment to use when I have a flare up of it (which seems to be whenever I am tired or stressed ie, a lot!!!!!). It is however much more controlled than it was, I am no longer covered in huge (hand sized) sore wheals - Dapsone is a gem. From my experience, the dark mark left from the wheals goes in time & nothing really seems to improve it! Don't worry, the do disappear!!!!! Good luck :)


Thanks Jenjen17, was beginning to think I was going nuts. I also take hydroxychloroquine, prednisolone and many other tablets. I am so worried about what the wheals have left Ltd alone that when they are sore, it is really terrible. You said dapsone is fine so I will go for it then. Thank you so much for the info. You know I cannot wear sleeveless tops or dresses without putting something to cover my patches. It has put me so down that I shy away from the people I know. Take care and keep on keeping on!!!!


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