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life... hmmm

writing on a fellow lupies blog post has made me think.

looking at family history I have 3 immediate family members with auto immune disorders (R.A, diabetes and M.S), 4 outer family members with history of cancer, and god knows what other conditions further back, well I could curl up in to a ball, worry about every little thing and just sit in a dark room and rock and cry all the time, but, what good would it do?

I would still be awaiting diagnosis, my family would still have their health issues, and the risk of the cancer on top would also still be there. one of my colleagues at work said the other day " you look really well", little did she know that I had only had a few hours sleep, maxed out on my pain relief and had diazepam to stop my spasms, I had a little chuckle.

maybe because of my job I appreciate how delicate life is and I try stay positive, after all what could I achieve if I didn't..

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Kudus to your strength xxxxx


Meant kudos lol!


thanks, hopefully my blogs can give a little bit of encouragement and support. hope you are doing well, mark.


Chugging along Mark, thanks :) :)


The way I deal with things is to attempt to frame the right perspective.

LIFE is terminal. At some point something will end it. So everything thing else is about how to deal with what you have.

Lupus and other things throw up some nasty surprises but life is just like an obstacle course. You have to keep trying to reinvent ways to deal with the obstacles. And try to laugh in between.


Yeah Life sucks! however when I changed my perspective about it, it did get better. So there is always hope :o)


Life is fragile & precious. Lupus has made me realise that, & shown me how to count my blessings.

The only way I can deal with what lupus has done to me is to, is to believe that good things can come out of bad things. I have met so many wonderful people because of my illness, who would have never otherwise come into my life. I have learned to appreciate the smallest things that make a huge difference. And I have realised that my husband is the most amazingly strong man, to put up with my attempts to try & push him away when lupus was eating me up mentally.

OK, so maybe you need your sick bag to read this. But we've got to believe in better, keep hoping & keep learning how to deal with your own awful version of this illness.This is my way of doing it, I hope you can all find your own soon. X




Stay strong Mark, you have many special strengths that enable you to do your job. Now is the time to use them for your own benefit, rather than those around you. X


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