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Facial rash

Hi, i am aware of the butterfly rash, and wondered if anyone has has experienced the following...

I have been extremely tired, and my face feels like it is on fire, and pins are being stuck in it. I have red cheeks, and small blister like spots that have gone pussy, my skin is dry, and a bit flakey. I usually have very good skin, i have had this befor but mainly when i have been exposed to sunlight.

The only change i have made recently is going swimming and using the steam and sauna rooms..

Any ideas. or is this just a normal action of Lupus?

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sounds like you are in flare or on the cusp of a flare ..... your skin is certainly more sensitive at the moment. Have you just finished a course of antibiotics, as this can make the skin more sensitive. You could also be having a reaction to the chlorine in the water when you are swimming. The only thing I can recommend is that you stay out of bright light and stop swimming for a while until the skin settles down. good luck with a speedy recovery


Hi, i am new to this site and have only just registered. I was diagonsed with Lupus in May 2010, but ive had it since i was in my teens. Im now 36. I know exactly what you mean. My face is constantly like that. Bright red butterfly rash and feels just like its on fire. I get really embarrassed about this and for years had people asking me why i was blushing or why was i so red faced. Obviously at the time i didnt know i had Lupus. Now i put moisturiser on my face and the something called dermacolur which is like a foundation that covers up my red face. I went to the chemist to get the right colour match for me and then got it on prescription from my doctors. Hope yr feeling better soon and hope that this helps. Try not to worry too much, your not on your own with this complaint.


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