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Uncontrolable shakes??

Hi everyone

I'm having a bit of a flare at the moment which is bad enough in itself but this morning I had a new 'thing'

I started to shake really violently, especially in arms and legs, I couldnt get down the stairs as I was too unsteady and couldnt get a drink to my mouth without wearing it!!

Has anybody got a clue as to what the heck happened???


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If you are on steroids it can sometimes can make you shake .


Hi there. It could be your meds. I have similar episodes every now and again and my doc said it probably the meds. If you are on morphine that can definitely cause tremor. Do tell your doc or rheumy nurse though. Good luck.


Hi dumpypug,

I get this a lot, and we found that when ever i've over done or am really ill it I get the shakes. It can even wake me up during the night, or the effort of just walking to the toilet when I'm in flare can start it off.

Unfortunately I haven't found anything that can help it.


Hi Dumpypug I had realy bad shakes, mine where ?? due to having ferrous sulphate 5mgs as was anaemic, I still have little shakes but no where near as bad. like tired mum mines when im tired, I have to take diazepam for mine only 2mg upto a maximum of 6mg which on the whole works for me most of the time. deffo have a word with rhumy, good luck.


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