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Jimmy,s yest'day for MRI, Another hosp today for Rheumy follow up... Help or suggestions pleased - I'm scared stiff... Adamine x

They now say Sjogrens syndrom is somwhere in the mix. Had the Schimmer test which was positive and have odd blooks AND and Ro positive and joint involvement...

I also have aother autoimmune things Ranauds, thyroid Vit B12 def and oesteoarthritis.

BUT - because my Mum died aged 77 and my sister died aged 50 6yrs ago, 4months apart both from Cancer of unknown primany - so they want me to have a endescope down to check my stomach... (I've lost a stone since Dec for no reason, Dr said it culd be my body fighting the inflamation in my body... The thought terrifies me and have told them this - last year I had a barium swollow which was ok, the appeared happy with this at the time, but the Dr today told me if it was her shed be wanting it checked...... They have said I wouldn't get a GA for this, but some GI consultants do do it others in exceptional circumstance - but nost just with conscious sedation - I'll be running for the trees, with a trail of dust behind me.

Has anyone had this done - or know of any hospitals who do this under GA... I'm so scared of this I've been on the look all night - Even considering a private hospital even thoug on limited income...

Adamine x

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I had it done a couple of year's ago and like you was terrified, they just spray the back of your throat with an antiseptic spray, which feels really cold, but doesn't hurt. I didn't feel a thing and felt fine afterwards and went home within a few hour's. It's amazing what they can do and being able to look and check the inside of us without us feeling anything, think of the benefits. You will be fine just ask then to explain things to you - I am sure they will anyway. Good Luck and let us know how you get on xxx


Any procedure that can be done without a GA is much better for the patient, don't forget there is recovery time after GA , usually feeling sick and sore throat, but if you are awake you will not feel a thing honest and it's much kinder to your body than a GA, and you feel fine afterwards - try not to worry hun xx


Whilst I haven't had this done, I know others who have and again report that the fear of the procedure was far worse than the actual procedure.

If the consultant recommends having it done then I would be inclined to have the investigations.

All the best and keep us informed.

Slowmo x


Hi adamine i'm having this myself on Tuesday and have had it before a long time ago.I never had ga just sedation and never felt a thing and opting for the same on reason is I can't swallow a whole paracetamol and would gag.tried it first time til I nearly threw up.always thought patients have a choice I was sent consent form with app for sedation good luck x


Hi Adamine, I didn't need an endoscopy, I needed a bronchoscopy but, like you, was terrified of a tube going down my throat. I refused to have this without a GA. Much resistance at my local NHS hospital but finally had it done privately with no bother. Just as well as it turned out cos what should have taken 5 minutes took over an hour - they found a major blockage in my right bronchus. None of that will apply to you but I'm just saying, if you have a real phobia of a tube down your throat, don't let them bully you, insist on the GA. Although my NHS hospital was resistant I could, eventually, have got it done there under GA - just with a lot of huffing and puffing and mumbling from consultants!! Stick to your guns. Good luck.


It isn't bad at all, unpleasant at the beginning when the tube goes in but, as patti says, you get a spray in the back of your throat that stops the reflex to gag. Plus they give you sedation, so you won't remember much and you'd think it last 5 minutes, though it takes about half hour. It is worth it because that is the only way they can see properly what's going on inside. Sedation makes it easier, you don't need the GA, be brave!


I know exactly how you feel I had an endoscopy last year and I was terrified. I told the nurse whilst I was waiting I needed a GA or I wouldn't be able to have it done, she said I would be fine and rarely was a GA needed so I had to pretend to be brave. Anyway apart from a bit of discomfort it was not too bad. They will spray your throat, you will be partially on your right side, you will be ask to swallow the tube ( just keep swallowing ) the nurse will be there to talk you through it and reassure you. During the procedure try to focus on something nice you have enjoyed like preparing and going on a holiday this helps to take your mind off the procedure. Take care, you will be fine


Well - Have called the local BMI Hosp and they are willing to do it under GA for £1200 - which is a huge amount that my Dad has offered to pay.

My sister died on cancer of unknown primary 7yrs ago - 4months after my Mum died of Cancer of unknown primary... So for peace of mind I need to have it done...

Thanks you all for you help and advice. I guess I'm just a coward. But it gets it done.

Keep safe



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