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In pain

i know how you feel, i have had this painful knee seen DR at hospital and she was so good that she told me that i needed my knee to be drain as it was full of fliud and thats why i am in so much pain, she tried to get me fast request but i have to wait for a month for my knee to be seen too as christmas holidays and new year there was no other dates avaiable. I have been in so much pain i can not stand for more than 10mins on my feet, as my leg is in so much pain and because i am putting weight on my other leg my hip is painful,i am on so mnay pain killers, i am working which is hard i dont want to go off sick because i have just gone back to work in october after been off for a year and half, my kids feel so sorry for me and help as much as they can and say why dont you go off sick, its hard to explain to them, work is hard to get at the moment and i dont want my boss to think i am not able to do my job which i love so much, i am a nurse so am on my feet a lot, although my manager is understanding i dont want to take advantage to much,

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Would love to say something clever to make this situation better, but I cannot, I am afraid. This is a pretty rhum deal.


Know how you feel, I am also a nurse and feel that I dont want to take the mickey, but sometimes it is so hard going to work knowing that you are going to be on your feet all day and it is physical work too. Good luck, x


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