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Another hurdle to get past it always seems like something new I am starting to be able to self-diagnose myself

Ice on September 10th on my wedding day I felt sick first off weeks before that and my left side kept swelling out the more I would do and every time I would be able to relax for like a few hours I would go back down I started to realize that it wasn't just a stone on the left side but it was something more and I could not figure out what it was so I was told to do the prep for a colonoscopy just to rule out constipation and that's not what it was and then my doctor finally told me to go into the ER because the pain was so extreme I have a kidney stone on the left side I have a kidney infection on the left side and I have an ovarian cyst cyst that's causing a lot of pain I think most of the pain is coming from the ovarian cyst that they are going to have to remove I had to wait to The Weeknd till this coming up Monday to see what they are going to do about it if they are just going to remove the cyst or the entire over I do not believe I will need surgery for the kidney stone I think it's small enough to pass no I do not know when will not know until they can get a better look at it since it was all done through ultrasound because I had too many cats cans and they're afraid that it's going to give me cancer or something so I already knew I had an ovarian cyst kidney stone and all of those before they even told me the doctor when he gave me the results couldn't believe that I was dead on to everything that was wrong I had an IV going and he gave me a huge double dose of dilaudid pain medication because I was in such extreme pain by the time they were done with that ultrasound they were aggravating the ovarian cyst in the kidney stone and I could not stop throwing up after that I couldn't remember much but my mom drove me back to my house and I've been relaxing trying to as much as possible at home waiting for Monday to get here so I can find out what the plan is this really pretty kink into the honeymoon we did not have one we had to cancel it so hopefully after I'm healed d up we can just get away for a weekend or something. It always goes back to that guilty feeling I can't help but feel guilty that you're sick especially if you were on your honeymoon and everything else oh well we have years I guess to make up for this lost time

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I am sad reading your post. You should know that "we" know our bodies better than the doctors, therefore,I am not surprised you were spot on! However, that is no consolation to you.

First, congratulations on your marriage. Your husband knows all about you, loves you and your daughter and this is what counts. Second, so your honeymoon has to be postponed. That is not your fault,so try and stop feeling guilty for something over which you have no control!

I hope your doctors come up with a plan on Monday so you will feel better and without pain!

With good wishes,



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