You ever just feel like making fun of yourself laugh at lupus I did today I'm sick of being gloomy

So my niece asked " ate you going to my cheerleading practice. I said" is it outside? She said "yes. She's 8 .So anyways I had to say "no,but I also added all creepy" I'm really a vampire so I can't be outside at all.She looked at me and laughed and then she said you haven't taken us to the park all year or went swimming this summer that's pretty weird how come you use to take us when we were younger?. Instead of being serious I just said because I wasn't a vampire then.I walked home we live next door to each other you have to see the humor in the fact that we're not allowed in the sunlight and that vampires aren't either we are creatures of the night LOL

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  • Good for you!

    Make the vampire joke and then explain the sun makes you unwell. Children understand if you tell them the problem!

  • She knows I helped raise her she lives nextdoor.We go to all the games indoors .she's just 8 so she ask the same question over and over again. But she also had watched vampire movies and it was hilarious because my soon to be sister inlaw has lupus and when we moved in together I ended up having the same thing and she always says that's weird. It is weird coincidence.But she knows everything about lupus. It was fun watching her reaction because I normally say "you know why and I'll go to the indoors ones or the games at night.

  • Your soon-to-be sister-in-law has lupus too? I hope you and she can support one another.

  • Yes my soon-to-be sister inlaw has lupus. Gets is different mine is SLE .She never had the lupus rash but she has a lot of the same symptoms

  • I am sorry that both of you are suffering, albeit in different ways. This is lupus! We share the same symptoms and different people will have different symptoms too!

    Lupus or SLE is called "The Disease of a 1000 Faces" because lupus can mimic virtually every disease!

    I hope that both of you can support one another - this would be so beneficial for you both!

    When is your wedding day?

    Be well!


  • Is September 10th and we do support each other though a lot of times we just say" yeah it's a hell of a disease.

  • You are right! It is "a hell of a disease!"

    I wish you a wonderful wedding day on September 10th!

    Be well!


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