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LUpus Patients Understanding and Support
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What do you need?

It is not always possible to "know" what our Members need, so I decided to ask you! If you have any questions or need information, then post herein reply.

If you feel you need psychological support, then it would also be helpful to let me know what it is you need.

It is important that our community's needs are met, which is why I need your help!

With good wishes,


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Sometimes it is just nice to talk to someone who understands what it is like to live with this ever changing challenging disease and to know you are not alone. No I know suffers from this and though they try to be supportive it is not the same as hearing from someone who lives it.


I agree with you. Sometimes we need to be with people who understand because they also have to deal with the daily challenges of living with an unpredictable, painful and disabling condition.

If you have any thoughts about improving our services, please do post or let me know privately. The only was to get what we need is to tell-it-as-it-is!

Be well!



I would say, more information. I feel that far more information is available from US lupus site. UK sites offer far less.


I would like help wiith stress, and pain management. I think if l had help with pain, stress relief would automatically follow.


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