Lupus and allergies

I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus in Guatemala in 1997. I stop smoking, taking sun baths and tried to relax. I moved to England in 2009 and (thanks to) less sun, I am in remission since 2012.

But since then I have been experiencing what it seems like very bad allergies, witch lead to closing my airways. Doctors given me an epipen and I have used it 5 times since 2012. Is it anaphylaxis? I don't know, still in endless doctors appointments. My airways close up saturday and yesterday. I am off work today and trying not to worry about it. I seen the doctor again and she prescribed me fexofenadine. I seem to be breathing a bit better but chest tightness still there. Anybody with same symptoms? Seeking support here. thank you.

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  • Welcome to LUpus Patients Understanding & Support (LUPUS) at HealthUnlocked!

    Many people with lupus also suffer from allergies. Yours sound very anxiety provoking, but it is difficult not to worry when you have these very distressing symptoms. Fexofenadine is given for allergic rhinitis ie hay fever, a non-drowsy antihistamine.

    An EpiPen, an auto-injector (epinephrine) is given for the treatment of anaphylaxis.

    It is clear you are concerned and therefore I would ask to see a specialist as this would ease your mind.

    We also have another website called the LuPUS Message Board where you can also post questions and talk to other people. Registration is FREE and we offer free information and free online psychological support. We specialise in psychological support with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

    By becoming a Member, you will have access to the private forums and because they are private, only Members have access and even bots and search engines are forbidden.

    When you register, please use the following format for entering your date of birth: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Please use the "-" separator and not "/".

    Finally, please go to: and Sign Up.

    I look forward to talking with you more!

    Sometimes we need to talk to people who understand and who are not family or friends.

    With good wishes!


  • Thank you Ros. I have managed an appointment to see a specialist in June (the earliest)... I guess is just patience now. Yes, sometimes confiding in family or friends just makes them worry more and they don't fully understand it. Thank you for your prompt reply :)

  • June feels a long way off!

    If you need to talk, I am always happy to listen.

    Be well!


  • I would love to, where can I contact you? thank you really.. I feel like this is going to be another very loong year...

  • If you register at the LuPUS Message Board (follow the instructions in my prior post) you can talk to me (and privately) there and talk to others too. It is more private.

    I think when talking about intimate matters, privacy and confidentiality is very important.

    Otherwise you can email me: roz [at] [lupus-support] [dot] [org] [dot] [uk]

    Be well!


  • I did not get any allergies from lupus and was tested for 50 different things but I did develop severe asthma caused from inflammation of my airways. I had never had asthma before I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. I was sent to a pulmonologist who ruled out allergies with testing and now I am on a daily inhaled steroid. I was told it is reactive airway disease due to inflammation and now a mild cold turns into months of fighting bronchitis, pneumonia and severe asthma attacks. I have a breathing machine at home and different inhalers depending on how much it is bothering me. Did they run alergy tests to confirm it is alergies? I know lupus can effect the lungs and airways.

  • I am really sorry reading this - I also developed asthma but not as severe as you. Strangely, I was given a diagnosis of "lupus lung" by a pulmonologist who had worked at the Hammersmith Hospital in London, prior to my formal diagnosis of SLE. Dr Graham RV Hughes had set up a lupus unit there but then moved to St Thomas' Hospital, London.

    Unfortunately, inflammation can affect any bodily organ - from blood vessels to skin, to internal organs such as kidneys, heart and lungs - to brain, muscles, ligaments and tendons. This is why lupus is called "A Disease of 1000 Faces" because lupus can mimic almost every disease. This is why seeing a lupus specialist (not just a rheumatologist) is essental.

    Be well!


  • Ros you have such wonderful information. I live in the United States and we do not have the specialist that you do at least not in my area Sacramento California. I don't think the know a lot about lupus. At least they are sending me to specialist for each body part it effects and it effects many. I actually have connective tissue disease and they know it effects my muscles and they think it is the cause of my migraines which I get often. Botox helps and sometimes I wish I could get whole body Botox.

    Good news I have been off prednisone for 3 weeks the first time in 1 1/2 years.

  • If anyone asks me, I say I have hay fever. The fuzzy things from cottonwood trees, being around a lawn that was just cut start my eyes itching. I also think I'm allergic to dust. My nose drips all day and closes up when I lie down. I take an over the counter medication which helps some. I never saw an ENT or Allergist. I have enough specialists to see but yours seem more severe and you seem quite worried. My sister has "bad sinuses" and my brother has issues with his eyes. Those issues seem to run in my family. I am the only one with SLE. It would be good to learn whether they are connected and how. I send you warm feelings LatinZest

  • Hi...I too get allergies often from dust and smoke..always I try to be away from it..during winter I get severe cold..running nose (which last for upto14 days) severe cough which does not resolve with medications...I take steam inhalations many times a day and always try to be away from people who have cold and cough

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