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Toughest news to date

3 cycles into my new chemotherapy I developed a cough. The oncologist thought it would be a good idea to X-ray me incase I had an infection. This led to a CT Scan, the results I received yesterday. My husband and I are still numb with the news. I had been put on antibiotics and the cough had improved so we were convinced it was an infection. The scan has show extensive further tumours in my left lung. The cancer has spread into my right lung and also is now in my bones. A whole year of chemotherapy, feeling pants, all for nothing. The second pluerodesis operation was a success and the lung drain is still working, the fluid being drained every other day is less but the cancer is on wheels and nothing we seem to throw at it is working.

The oncologist cannot believe that the person sitting in front of him is the same persons scan as the two just don't fit. On the outside I look perfect, whilst on the inside I am a train wreck.

I have, as I am sure we all have, so very much to live for. I want to see my daughter through school, see her graduate, get married, spend endless time with my husband. I have so much fight in me and just need a little bit of luck on my side.

If anyone has any ideas on what i can try, no matter how obscure, diets, trials etc., I am willing to give it a go. Life is so awfully short, the clock is ticking very fast and my time is running out. Any help is welcome.

With hope, Tallulah x

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I am really sorry to hear your news. You have such a strong spirit and seem to be constantly challenged with new and painful news. I do hope those around you are being supportive of you, your hubby and daughter.

This is a link to the CRUCK list of current clinical trials, it may be worth asking your consultant if you might be eligible for any of them. cancerresearchuk.org/cancer...

You could also ask if there are any alternatives available through the Cancer Drugs Fund that might be of benefit. Obviously your clinician will be looking at the best option for you and am sure are doing what they can to secure.

if we can be of any help please do get in touch,

we are thinking of you.

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team


Hi Tallulah, I also am unable to offer any medical advice but wanted to say that I'm saddened to hear your news and hope that you find a clinical trial. Sending heartfelt hugs. Moni x


Hi Tallulah,

Sorry to hear your news - you really seem to have had a rough time, but it's good that you've got good support from your family.

I will keep you in my thoughts and hope that your doctor can find a suitable trial for you.

Try to keep strong

Love Sue xx


Hi Tallulah, You certainly are having a rough time just now. I am sorry that I cannot give you any specific medical advice. I am one of the lucky few in regards to this dreadful disease and all I can offer is my support and best wishes that something positive happens for you.

Regards Rabbie


lulla, I am so sorry to hear your news. I was one of the fortunate ones who had the operation. I think like most people we are lost for words. It may sound silly but the one thing that did help me and turn my lifestyle around was a book called The Secret. by Rhonda Byrne. One of the advisors on quit support sent me it and it really did help. I will send you lots of prayers and positive vibes. You were certainly an inspiration to me. XX


Hi Lulla

So sorry you're still going through tough times, considering what you've gone through already. Gwen and I continue to keep you in our prayers.

Love bill x


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