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Hi Folks.

Regarding the question I posed a few months ago, asking why LC patients are reluctant to become involved in support groups - we haven't come up with many fresh answers we didn't know before - the stigma etc. So, it's back to the drawing board to see where we go next. Possibly be involved with the Foundation, but that will not be for me to decide. I'll keep you posted.

In the mean time, hope you all have a great Christmas, and a happy, healthy 2012.


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It might be a good idea if we opened a UK support group’s forum, where the more successful groups could pass on what they do to attract and retain new members. It would also be helpful if we passed on things attempted, which have failed, as well as what’s been successful. A shared compilation of failed and successful actions could assist us all in finding the best way forward.

Best wishes to all over the festive season.

Robert Lowe

Stobhill Lung Cancer Support Group


Thanks Robert. I think there has to be something like this. I'll mention your views to CCRC too. I'll be meeting them in Perth on Friday (Christmas Lunch!!) but iwll have time to chat on the way there. Hopefully we can get rid of this white stuff which arrived overnight, or I may have trouble getting to Light up a Star tomorrow. Bill


I don’t think it’s a case of trying to retain members the very nature of the disease denies that. I think rather than meet as a specific group-ie lung cancer patients-better as a group covering all cancers. That way the format of the meetings are more generalised providing a more optimistic outlook for lung cancer patients.


Hi Bowie1

When I have mentioned the Cancer Care Research Centre - CCRC is not lung cancer specific, but is involved in all cancers. We are linked with Roy Castle at this time, simply to look at support groups. It may well be that we will liaise with other cancer type groups in the future as well. Roy Castle is obviously lung cancer specific. I don't think the aim is necessarily to retain members - rather it is to get folk to attend and see the benefits - gain support and give it too. Hopefully they will reach a stage where they don't need that support. I think groups such as Maggie's Centre are involved with all cancers, and probably others too, so there will certainly be a more general input there.

Hope this is helpful. Best wishes, Bill


Hi all, this is a really interesting thread. I'm pretty certain we could start a UK Support Group section either on here, or on the main forum on the Roy Castle site. Let me know if you want me to look into it.


Hi Emma. It certainly deserves looking at. Must admit that I'm preferring this site just now, as it seems easier to access and contribute to.

Hope you are well and getting ready for Chrsitmas. Bill


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