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Hi I am just wondering if there is any support groups around Wrightington, Wigan, Chorley Lancashire or Greater Manchester? My Dad was told his lung cancer had returned in October he still hasn’t started treatment, he is due to start chemo on 10th Dec by that point it will be just over 8 weeks since finding out! My mum and Dad are really struggling with their emotions and worrying about the future, I really want to help bring them some positivity because at the minute all they are being given is negativity, dad has just changed his care to Christie’s as he has felt very let down by his care at Clatterbridge we just feel like he been completely left on his own !! I have been completely shocked so far at how little support is given to a stage 4 cancer patient, all that seems to be discussed is time prognosis rather than trying to give patients some positive moral!!

Sorry for the rant but I am getting so upset that nothing is being done and I am having to go out and search for help!!

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I’m not terribly familiar with your geography but I think this map shows a couple support groups in the area you’re asking about.

Here in the States I attend a support Group and it’s helped greatly. I found this site by accident but have referred a number of people to it.

I send hope that your father’s treatment goes well. No one has an expiration date stamped on them. In 2010 I was told that I had 10-15 months to live. No one could have predicted that I would be one of the small percentage of patients who beat the odds. There’s nothing special about me. If it happened for me it can happen for your dad.


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Denzie thank you so much for your inspiring response and help. I wish you a long life of help and happiness ❤️Thank you againxx


I know there is a good support group in Burnley. Would this be too far? It might be worth phoning the Roy Castle Helpline as they know about support groups and lung cancer nurses in each area. I am treated at Christie’s too and regularly speak to the Lung Cancer Nurse in Burnley. There are Lung Cancer Nurses at Christie’s Hospital too who can put you in touch with the one at your local hospital. If you phone the switchboard at Christie’s they will put you through to them and if you leave a message they will phone you back. I have also been referred to my local hospice and they have been excellent in providing support over the last 5 years too. I would try all of these and then you have a support network set up. My local Mac Millan Nurse was also very helpful early on and I have her number to phone. Hope this is useful and that the support is out there for you x


Hi, I am also being treated at Christie’s. I travel quite a long way to get my treatment so haven’t accessed any additional support from them but when I started there in the summer the lung nurse specialist I first saw said there was a lung cancer support group that met regularly. Also while you are there you should pop across to Maggie’s Centre. They will always have a brew going and someone to talk to and give you any advice you might need. It’s so close to the hospital, just a few hundred yards walk across from the main entrance.

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Fantastic, thank you so much, we are at the Hospital on Wednesday so will go across to see them. I hope everything is going well for you xx


Fingers crossed so far so good. Hope you get connected on Wednesday. Take care.

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There is a support group second Wednesday each month at Accrington Victoria hospital in Accrington at 2.00 to 3.30 pm. This month we are out for Christmas meal but it will resume again in January. I have attended this which is specifically lung related for three years and find it very supportive x

Hope you find something soon if this is not suitable

Pollyalison xx


Hi Diancer99

There is a Wigan Lung Cancer Support Group which offers the opportunity to share experiences and meet other people who are affected by lung cancer. All lung cancer patients, relatives or carers are welcome.

Goose Green Methodist Church

3 Sefton Road




Venencia Sibanda

01942 822260


Joy Pearson

Lee Worrall

Sophie Wareing

01942 822843

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline


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