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Lung cancer support groups

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Hi everyone, thanks to all that replied to my posts, apologies that I didnt reply to everyone, been feeling so low, got no motivation. Does anyone else have trouble finding support groups for lung cancer in your area ? There are groups for lots of other types of cancer where i live but none for lung cancer suffers !

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hello Jules, I think if you go on to the Roy castle website or phone you may get to know if there is a support centre near you, there is usually a macmillan one.




Hi I am wondering if any one knows of any support gourps in surrey

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Hi dewberry,

Yes there is a support group in Surrey.

Its at the Royal Surrey hospital and is held in the Fountain centre creative arts room on the 2nd Tuesday of every month between 2-3:30.

The contact number is 01483 571122 ext 6319

Please go along, and feel free to take someone along with you.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.

Hi Jules,

We do have around 50 support groups throughout the UK that are solely for people affected by lung cancer. The feasibility around running a group depends on the number of lung cancer nurse specialists in the trust, and whether management are supportive of the activity.

If you contact me I can let you know if there is a group near you. My number is 0333 3237200 option 2

or you can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and Support.

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wow here in Australia there are hardly any.... you guys Rock !!!!

Hi I am newly diagnosed with lung cancer and am lucky enough to have two lung cancer support groups locally but I have also had fantastic support from our local hospice which runs two drop-in day therapy sessions each week. It supports people with all kinds of cancers but I have regular sessions of talking about all the things that bother me on a one to one basis and some lovely massages and relaxation sessions. My husband also has the same opportunities. I don't know whether your local hospice does something similar but it's worth a try. The people are lovely and the atmosphere is warm, friendly and supportive.

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Jules-55 in reply to Jenco

Thank you I will look into it x

Hey Jules.... When I had my left lung removed... 2 months later I went looking for support...

I called every hospital in Sydney (Aust) to find there was only 1 face to face group.... and that was it...and you know the reason they gave me why there were none.."Not many survive Lung Cancer" I was so damn I decided to make my own ...on face book. I have over 200 people that were lost and didnt know where to go..and the group keeps growing.... Lung Cancer has the stigma attached to it.. that is the problem.... damn it if you smoke or don't smoke you are a risk... from Kids to all ages.....

Hope this help a bit and I wish you well xoxo

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Thank you Wendiau, yes its terrible there is such a stigma with lung cancer, not all people with the disease are smokers including myself, it does make you feel isolated which is why its so important to be able to talk with others who have been through the same surgery, may i ask how long it is since your own surgery ? Mine was 13 weeks ago so im still recovering and feel very low at the moment.

Hey Jules-55 hope you going good .... I had My Pneumonectomy 2010 so I am officially a 4 year survivor .. (touch wood) it takes a fair while to get used to the "New" normal ..You will cry and want to scream... and yell.. its all natural.... mood goes up and down... but talk to your Dr he may be able to help you with that too... and then after a while... you get angry..and want to fight with your all..... I couldn't sleep laying down... sat in a recliner for a few months...and now still sleep with a wedge (can't lay flat).

Oh and by the way November is "Lung Cancer Awareness" month all over the world... and

August 1st is the ONLY Day for ALL lung cancer patients and carers... a day for Us to celebrate

as Lung Cancer is one of the most underfunded..

Hugs and hope you feel a lil better .....

if you have facebook let me know would love to add you as friend x


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Jules-55 in reply to wendiau

Hi thanks for all the info yes i am on facebook is the page in your name ? would love to join it x

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wendiau in reply to Jules-55

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