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Clinical trial

Good morning all.

My husband has recently finished his 4th chemo infusion and, depending on the results of his scan next week, has been offered a place on the EORTC trial using Pazopanib versus placebo.

Apparently this drug is now being used on kidney cancer patients and they are trialling it for lung cancer ones.

I wonder whether anyone has any experience of this trial.

Many thanks and much love to you all.

Sandra x

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Hi Sandra

Never had to be on a clinical trial, so can't help you there. So my advice would be the same as usual in these circumstances - maybe boring, but best - have a chat with your hubby's CNS. Best wishes,

Bill x


Thank you Bill. x


Hi Sandra 123,

Sorry I can't help you on this question but I just want to wish your husband luck and will be thinking of him.

Wishing you both a great Christmas.

Best wishes,

Georgie x


Thank you Georgie.

How are things with you?

Hope you also have a good, peaceful Christmas.

Much love

Sandra x


I too do not know anything about the trial but sending you my best wishes Sandra! Let us know what you find out and decide. Have a peaceful family Christmas xx


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