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Advice about lung cancer

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Hi, my dad has terminal lung cancer. He has had chemo and radiotherapy which finished in Dec 2012.He was taken into hospital last week with a chest infection which was treated with antibiotics through a drip. He was sent home with some antibiotic tablets (which he has now finished.) He seems to get short of breath very quickly which seems to have come on very quickly in the last week. I'm not sure if this is the cancer or due to his chest infection. Also even though his house is like a sauna he is always complaining that he is cold (even his touch is cold. Is this normal?)

He is due to go for a scan at the end of the month. If anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it.


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does he have a temperature? Everybody is different in terms of how they feel the heat. My Dad constantly wears jumpers and has heating on very high (unbearably so) and complains it is cold, whilst my mum complains that the house is too hot.

But you should have him see the Doctor asap. It may be the chest infection hasn't cleared, or maybe it is the cancer, either way you should see the Doctor or Oncologist straight away if you are worried.

Take carex

My mum's got stage 4 cancer and feels the cold terrible. She sits on top of the fire and has the heating on all the time. I think that because they tend not to be doing much (because they often feel so ill or just plain tired) that they dont build up a natural heat like u or I would.

I would suggest a visit to the doctor just to make sure the infection has gone and maybe ring the consultant and ask for the scan to be brought forward stating your worries.

Take care


My husband too has terminal lung cancer,it has metastised to the liver,in the books I was given at the hospital,it says that mets to the liver cause problems with temperature control and make the patient feel cold,,I wonder if that may be the cause here..Take Care Teresa

The only advice I can offer is not medical. I lost my husband at Christmas to lung cancer and he suffered from the cold. All I can say is give him loads of love (which I am sure you are doing) and don't let him see that you are worrying over him. I wish you and your family well during this very upsetting time. Best wishes


Hello, I have stage 4 cancer and am always cold. The oncologist has told me that the chemo I have been having thins the blood, hence me feeling the cold & bleeding lots when I cut myself. You may find this is true in your case too. Wishing you the best of luck x Tallulah x


Sorry to hear about your Dad, I was diagnosed in June 2010 with a tumour to the right Lung and went through heavy doses of Chemo and Radio which reduced the tumour by approx 40%.

Around xmas time that year I had a slight infection in the lung. After this the lung seemed to fill up and in Oct 2011 I was admitted to a&e with pneumonia where I was admitted and treated with normal antibiotics which did not work after a couple of days I was put on antibiotics through a drip and oral ones plus steroids this took a week to clear up. I was bedridden for two weeks in hospital and it took some months to recover from this.

Like your father I feel the cold and need the house very warm also my feet feel cold and painful some of the time although to the touch they are not cold.

Because of the lung filling up now classed as collapsed I am extremely short of breath and have home oxygen although don’t use very much also because of the high risk of getting another infection my doctor has prescribed a course of antibiotics and steroids which I keep at home for emergencies .

I now have to ensure that I try and avoid colds and keep warm all the time very rarely go out if it cold or wet, I di have the flu and pneumonia jab which has helped to keep me clear this year.

Good luck with his scan


Thank you all for your advice. It is a comfort to know that as a family we can come on here and get some advice from people that are going through the same. My mum has contacted the nurse at the hospital this afternoon and she has suggested that my dad goes and gets a check up. He has refused to go back to the hospital as he really doesn't want to be kept in,so my mum is going to take him to see his G.P tomorrow. The hardest thing is my dad is trying so hard to protect us and really doesn't want us to ask his doctor for any information. I find it hard as I want to do the best for my dad but on the other hand I know that he is just trying to protect us like any great parent would do for their children. It is just hard to watch my dad go through the pain and the problems he is encouring.

Thanks for your advice.

Thinking of you all.



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