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My dad

Hello everyone, well on my 30th birthday u was told my dad has lung cancer. I was shocked and upset. Then we found out he has spread to a gland. He is going to start chemo on the 8th October and I hope it shrinks so he has a little longer with his grand kids and us!!!

I don't want to think he only has 5 years as that is what I read but I am being positive!!

Thanks for reading

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Hi Andrea,

I am sorry to read of your Dads diagnosis,I am not sure how advanced your Dads cancer is?,putting an expirery date on any lung cancer patient,regardless of their "Staging"is not something any medical professional can do with any accuracy,in my own case,I did have a tumour in my upper right lung with local spread to a lymph node,having completed chemotherapy and surgery,successfully, I may add,I returned to my GP to ask his permission to return to work,he replied,I think you should take some quality time out with your wife instead,since you only have two years left,maximum,well that was four years ago.I reported what my GP said to me to my oncologist,he was absolutely shocked by what my GP had said ,my oncologist,remarked "Eric,do you think I have put you through all this treatment just to give you two years? I am fighting to give you 15-20 years if not a cure".I have since discovered through sites like these, many long term survivors,yes even twenty year ones,so dont be too pessimistic about your Dads future.A lung cancer dx from the outset is such a devastating thing to hear, not only for the patient but their family and friends,I found with the support of everyone and the passage of time,I was able to recognise that maybe I did have a future after all.Take one day at a time and enjoy the company of your Dad in the meantime,a saying I heard recently which I found comforting is "Worry is like sitting in a rocking chair,it gives you something to do,but it dos'nt get you anywhere".Please pass on my best wishes to your Dad for the 8th of October for the chemo to eradicate all the cancer cells in his body.


Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot to me thank you very much. Glad you are doing well and stay in touch!!


Dear Andrea,

please stay hopeful and positive. Anything you have read about stats and survival rates are 5 years out of date. There are new treatments out now and new and new trains of thought (read my blog post). What stage have they said? I was diagnosed as stage 4 18 months ago and I'm still doing very well. I remain very hopeful.

You need to make the most of everyday like I do, its something we should all be doing anyway, but sometimes it takes something like this to make us realize. Many people are surviving against the 'so called' odds. The one thing they have in common is positivity.

Wishing your dad all the best

Lyn x


Thank you very much I will read your blog! I'm so glad to hear that people hear are being hopeful, I have been on other sites and I have not been back on them as they are very negative!!! Thanks again for your comment means a lot x


I have found out so much in the last 18 months (I was a nurse before diagnosis) so anything you want to know just ask, If I don't know the answer I usually know someone who does or someone who can point me in the right direction. Keep in touch x


lyn you are so brave and positve,my dad also has lung treatment suitable for his situation although good pain control medication.its very easy to t.hink of the worst but every day is special and sometime it takes other people to make us realise.take care.louise


Thank you Louise, hope you are having some wonderful times with your dad. You have the right attitude. Wishing you all the best and will your dad in my thoughts x


Always always have hope. I think the initial shock of being given a timescale takes some getting used to to say the least. Once it sinks in I think the instinct is to fight it, thats how my husband feels, get up, be positive, enjoy your life, do those things you can do and be with the people you love. Might sound corny but its true.


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