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My lovely dad has gone

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Dad passed away on Thursday. While I know he is out of pain he is so missed.

It hurts knowing I won’t hear his voice again or see him. Why does cancer exist.

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So sorry to hear about your loss, I’m sure you have some lovely memories of your dad to cherish. Yes this is a very cruel disease. God bless you x

Dear Jill,

I am so sorry for your loss. If you feel in the days or weeks to come you would like to speak to one of the nurses please don't hesitate to call us 0800 358 7200 (option2) or email

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle helpline

Thank you. I will x

So sorry to hear 💔 this . Your heart is breaking I can understand , this disease is a monster, no one can ever take the memories of your dad away from you they will be with you forever, there is nothing worse than seeing him in pain. Thoughts are with you all.

I am so sorry for your loss 🙏 it is a cruel disease. Treasure your memories and remember the happy times. God bless 💙

So very sorry for your loss. Hope your lovely memories of your Dad and the knowledge that others are thinking of you bring you comfort at this very sad and distressing time. x💕

So sorry for your loss. I understand the pain you are feeling, I lost my Dad just over a year ago to this horrid disease, he was only 62. The initial pain does lessen.

You will still hear his voice in your head and nothing can take the memories you have, he lives on in you.

Thinking of you at this difficult time.


So sorry for your loss. My mum died at 62 within three months and like you I struggle to understand why their lives are so short..Like the previous writer said you may hear your dads voice for some time to come. Remember, his spirit and memories are with you always xxx

Oh Jill this is so sad. I’m so sorry. What a terrible disease cancer is. Brutal and cruel. You must love your Dad very much and you must be hurting very badly but please don’t despair: love is everlasting and cancer cannot change that, thankfully. Take care of yourself. Be gentle. Time heals. X

so sorry to read this sad posting. thinking of you at this very difficult time. x

Jill83 I wish there was a perfect combination of words to ease your pain but only time does that. I'm deeply saddened that this disease has taken your dad from you, I was where you are 8 years ago, to get through the days and weeks to come it's just baby steps and leaning on your family and friends. I still grieve for my dad, it never goes away but it does get easier, you learn to live a life a life without him and embrace the reminders of him in every day things. My life is still enriched with my dad and in the darkest of times we've created the most wonderful memories, girly holidays with my mum and running the London Marathon in his memory to name a few. Sending love to you and your family. Jinty

So sorry for your loss, I lost my husband in April this year. Life can be so cruel, and the pain of loosing someone you love can be unbearable. But as you said he is no longer in pain, and nothing can erase the memories that you have of him. I know we all grief differently, but for myself I am just so grateful for the memories I have and the time I had with him. My daughter at first was angry as we were unable to say goodbye due to the coronavirus, but I know he wouldn’t want us being angry. We know he loved us and was a wonderful husband and father, we miss him so much, and at times it doesn’t seem real that he has gone. It is such early days for you, take one day at a time. My heart goes out to you

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