When do you feel like a survivor

When do you feel like a survivor

I was diagnosed with terminal 2/3 months small cell lung cancer in 1993 (Chemo and Radiotherapy) and then non small cell in 2007 and received surgery (Lower Lobectomy).

As a very lucky long term dual survivor I am often asked when do you feel like a survivor. In my experience it is when you find yourself spending more time thinking about living than you do about cancer.

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  • I started feeling like a survivor three or four years after my treatment was finished. I never know the answer to give to the question though - survivor, ex or former LC patient, etc. Just happy to be here and getting old. :) Bill

  • Hello Robert and Bill, when I hear about your experiences only two words come to mind - inspiration and hope! It is wonderful to have you on board and we are always grateful for your presence and insights, thank you. Take care, Joanna.

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