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None Small Cell Cancer

Hello there again everyone, Its Jules here (on behalf of mum).

Well all quiet here for mum- just waiting for the so called 'Base-line' assessments on 16th May.

Mums up and down emotionally, spending more and more time sleeping and coughing. But still looks so well.

Anyway, i wanted to post here today to ask a question. I didnt know anything about cancer really until mum got sick - and i am just starting to understand some of the terminologies/abbreviations used here on the forum.

I have seen you talk a lot about Small Cell Cancer. I have recently read on a doctors letter that mums is None Small Cell.

To be blunt - is mums none small cell cancer even worse for her than Small Cell ? What does it mean to mums health ?

Mum has only really just started talking to her husband about the cancer - she may never feel OK about talking to others about it - i had hoped she would have been on the forum asking you these questions instead of me.

I hope it is ok for me to ask these questions -

Anyway, hope everyone has a little sunshine today, whereever you are - the weather here in Newcastle upon Tyne is much warmer than yesterday and the sun has been out most of the morning - its still cardigan weather thou as a slight chill to the wind.

My husband keeps a beautiful garden and we have 2 small ponds - full of tagpoles/baby frogs at the moment, its a peaceful place for me, mum and my husband.

Hope you have a good day.

kindest regards


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Dear Jules

Your garden sounds beautiful and so lovely to read. Please use this forum to ask any question at all and hopefully between us all you will find , information, encouragement and support.

Small cell lung cancer is made up of small cells , can reproduce and grow quickly, more responsive to chemotherapy and sometimes radiotherapy.

Non-small cell lung cancer is slower growing which is good and can be subdivided into different types (Adenocarcinoma, large cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma) If found early Initial treatment may be surgery ( and may not require any further treatment). The next option may be chemotherapy, radiotherapy and if the cells are of a certain mutation, immunotherapy/targeted therapy may be an option (even for stage 4 advanced). The targeted therapy targets specific cancer cells, slowing the growth and sometimes destroying the cancer cells, improving quality and length of life.

For your Mum having non-small cell lung cancer gives her more treatment options, which can only be a good thing.

Thankfully there are more treatment options now available and there is lots of ongoing research in lung cancer from pre screening trials to the immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

We have some booklets on lung cancer and their types ,you can view and order free online at our website roycastle.org

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on

0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


Thank you to the people at Roy Castle Support Team, its Jules here.

From that i now know, mums cancer is a:

'Stage 4 Non-small cell (squamous cell) Lung Cancer '.

At least i know the name of the thing we are fighting. Its better to know.

Thank you



Hi, I have been told that I had NSCLC and it has progressed to my lymph nodes in my chest and a small amount in my lower back. It is adenocarcinoma. When I questioned my doctor and lung nurse about them saying not curable they did eventually say it was terminal as they all are, how long I have I don't know, all I have in my mind is that I'm going to die sooner rather than later. I am undergoing chemo now and tests showed that the cells were responsive to immunotherapy. Do people on here actually tell you the truth???????

Does anyone with NSCLC actually live more than the 18 months shown on the cancer website?

Sorry to be so blunt but how does anyone totally cope with this. I'm off to a wedding soon and went to a shop the other day with lots of lovely clothes to choose from but all I could think about was never wearing them, broke down crying and had to leave.


Hi Jules in a similar situation but different journey. So I feel your confusion too. Still no definitive type diagnosis and now prognosis yesterday to do only non curative radiotherapy. Have a Good day to you all god bless


its like a strange (horrible) new world opens up after cancer hits isnt it.

I am constantly thinking 'did i miss something here, is it really me that is supposed to be able to understand the consequences of the words coming from the (lovely) doctors. Even, 'possibly this isnt actually happening - its a mistake'.

I was SO pleased to find there was a forum of people (sadly) in the same boat.

So, yes, God bless all these lovely people - and the people who run the forum.

We have a little sunshine in Newcastle upon Tyne today - hope you have some in your part of the country.





Hi Jules we are from Glasgow and stay in the north east of Scotland Fife near St Andrews. Thanks for your reply. Yes all abit surreal ans at time the lump in my throat and the tighest in my chest feels overwhelming then i have to kick kyself as I'm the strong one, positive one for my mum. Got to keep the faith. God bless x

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