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Off on holiday.....hopefully

Supposed to be going on holiday today, to mainland spain with Paul our daughter tanya and her boyfriend Stuart. Only yesterday I mentioned to the nurse in the chemo unit that I had had headaches for the last 6 days......I now have to see the oncologist today at 11.15, our flight is at 17.45 so we need to leave here at 14.30.

I hope the headaches are menopause related as the chemo has sent me into this (a few weeks ago it started) and not brain mets! Perhaps I am just being paranoid but it was my dismisal of my cough for about 6 months that partly got me here in the first place, now I am just scared that every little ache and pain means something and is not to be ignored.

Fingers crossed X

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Hope everything goes ok and you manage to get away


I hope all goes well at your appointment and that you manage to get away on holiday. Thinking of you.


hi lynba, think its normal to feel nervous at new aches and pains so you are not on your own in that department. Hope you manage to get your plane and enjoy your holiday xx


Thank you all.

Just back from hospital, they don't think it is anything to worry about but have given me some dexamethasone to take for 2 weeks. It's a bit of a trial, if the headache doesn't go away with it, it's just a headache, if it does they will scan me.

So..for now I'm off o sunny spain, see you when I get back . Take care all xx


No headaches whilst I was away so didn't take the dexamethasone. Think it may have been menopause related as havn't had any hot flashes either!

Had a great time btw xx


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