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Day 2 of taking Afatinib

My partner was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer (nsclc) in June 2009. He has had Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy & Tarceva. It has now spread to the spleen & he goes for a bone scan next week as they think it has also spread to his bones.He started taking the new unlicensed drug Afatinib yesterday & so far no side effects! He has been told that the side effects can be more severe than Tarceva. I really hope this drug works for him as we are fast running out of options. He never complains & takes it all in his stride, I feel guilty as I am not coping very well just now & can't seem to snap out of it. I would welcome any advice or suggestions of how to cope. I'm not very good at blogs but I hope that it might help writing things down.


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Hi there. Nothing is easy with cancer, whether you're the patient or partner. Paving suffered from lung cancer myself 12 years ago, I still feel that my wife had a more difficult time than I did, so yes, it IS difficult for you to cope.

Hopefully this drug will help, so just keep strong and think positive - not easy!! You should try to keep in contact with CNS., so that you can get the best medical advice. We're all behind you! Best wishes, Bill


Hi Val, I found writing things down & receiving everyone's supportive comments really helpful so I would suggest staying in touch & sharing your stresses & concerns. Rant if you want to, it is the most difficult time & you need to let your emotions out at times. I wish you & your partner well & will keep everything crossed that this new drug helps. X


Thanks to Bill & Alli for your replies on my blog sorry it has taken me a while to reply but I was in a bad place but I am back on track now thank goodness.Keith has been on the Afatinib for nearly 3 weeks now & isn't doing too bad apart from a few side effects which are manageable at the moment. We get the results of a bone scan on monday & are hoping for some good news for a change. We are both trying to remain positive & strong. We are just taking each day as it comes instead of worrying about the future. I will keep you posted & thanks again for your support.

Val. X


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