Benefits of Gefitinib

My husband (52) was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the lung Stage IV in Sept 2013, and was very unwell. He had liver, lymph and bone mets (causing a fractured pelvis). After just one dose of chemo they found he had the receptor that responds to Gefitinib. Having been on it for 3 months, and off work for 6 months, he is pain-free, back at work part-time, and is living a pretty normal life. The side effects of the drug are now minimal. We would never have imagined that this was possible when he was first diagnosed. We know that Gefitinib does not work indefinitely, but we are so grateful for the life it has given us back.

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  • Excellent news!It is like a miracle when anyone responds to the new drugs.I am on Tarceva which is similar but no shrinkage.I have a pet scan Monday to see what has happened since November....Best wishes. Julie x

  • It is amazing, all the best for Monday....Sandra x

  • Hi yes I am on iressa which us part of the family gefitinib I was diagnosed with 3/6 months to live in Dec 2012 I am also free of the side effects and doing ok what an amazing chemo the researcher have come up with,and still finding ways of giving a longer life to people, all the best

  • That is great news, long may the good effects wishes Sandra

  • I'm very pleased that Iressa/Gefitinib works well for you. I'm on it for 37 months now and doing reasonably well. Was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma 5 years ago and after surgery I had a relapse nearly two years after that... Went on the magic tablet (Iressa) from January 2011 and after the very mild side effects I am still doing very well. I wish you all the very best from it and keep believe. Best wishes

    Franca xx

  • That's such encouraging news, thank you for getting in touch. Yes we keep praying and taking the medication! It's wonderful that it's working so well for you.

    best wishes Sandra x

  • Hi,

    Best wishes to you both. I'm just starting my 4th year on gefitinib. My tumours reduced at first and have been stable since January 2012. Did lose some hair but it came back (my hairdressers says its more curly and stronger than ever). Lost a couple of toenails and my fingernails are prone to crack. Doc has given me a mouthwash to counteract a tendancy towards sores and E45 for the tendancy towards dry skin and sometimes a rash.

    My lung cancer is incurable. The prognosis when I was diagnosed in November 2010 was 6-8 months. A few of us gefitinib users are in email contact. Try if you feel like someone to talk to.


  • That's such good news. Thank you for your message, we are so encouraged by this. Sandra x

  • Why is it that the ladies seem to be doing so well and no responses from the menfolk - doesn't Iressa/Gefitinib work on us? Much as I'm pleased for you ladies, the lack of male responses does make depressing reading.


  • Hi David. It is working for my husband! He's been on it 4 months and all the tumours are shrinking. He's even back to work part-time, and much more like his good old self. Minimal side effects and maximum benefits- that's what we pray for. Don't see why it should be more effective for women; maybe we just let people know more. My husband is happy for me to post on here on his behalf, and we are both encouraged by the good news of people on Iressa/Gefitinib, in fact I hadn't even noticed it was more from women than men. all the best, Sandra

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