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Living a nightmare

My Husband was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis in 2010 age 50 on a regular check up last November a tumour was found on his left lung and he subsequently had a lobectomy of his upper left lung. He was off work for 3 months and returned part time but is now finding this so hard, just done his first week full time but so exhausted and so frustrated he cannot do all the things he used to and may have to give his job up, but doesn't want to. Also told by the Respiratory nurse this week that he qualifies for oxygen which was a shock. He is on steroids but still has a persistent cough cant seem to shake this off, thank goodness we have a wonderful Consultant and Lung Cancer Nurse who he sees every six weeks. All he wants to do is go on holiday abroad but not sure he can fly. Feels like we are living a nightmare.

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Hi Spicey

Everybody's cancer is different in some way so the only EXPERT advice is from the medics. However, when I was off with inoperable LC 12 years ago, I was off for about nine months, then gently got back into work. I wasn't back to full strength for long enough. Luckily, I was on a part time job anyway at the time. A year or so later, I was given a full time position and even then, at first, I found it hard going. It wasn't a physical job, but just the fact that I was doing 8 hours or so every day, tired me out. It passed though.

This is a serious illness and we have to remember that - even though be determined to get back to normal life ASAP. I was able to fly abroad the following year, when treatment had ended, and provided my doctor said I was 'fit to fly'. Also, having a 'gold' account with RBS - I had life cover for travel - provided my doctor agreed - at no extra cost.

Best wishes to you both, Bill


Thanks Bill for the advice this is a great comfort. Sallyx


My husband is now taking tablets which have helped his cough but still very tired working full time but he is determined to carry on as long as he can, he has a wonderful Consultant and lung cancer nurses and after tests yesterday does not now need oxygen yet, also he can fly but only to European countries so good news. My heart goes out to everyone going through this terrible illness.xx


After 8 weeks my husband has now been diagnosed with a tumour in his neck absolutely devastated just waiting for a CT scan and then treatment can anyone else tell me anything about their experience of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. So lucky we have a wonderful Consultant and Lung Cancer Nurses.


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