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A year on

Good morning everyone

A year ago today I was diagnosed with Stage 4 NSCLC. I'm still here to tell the tale. It has certainly been a rocky road but there have been some wonderful times amongst the rubbish of this horrible disease. I have met some lovely people and come across immense kindness. Ihave learnt to enjoy and appreciate small things. My family and friends have been so loving and supportive. I am very lucky.

I am in our local hospice at the moment but hopefully just for a short time to get me back on my feet and ready to get on with my bucket list. Last week I was doing really well, trips out, a wedding 'do' and some energy and now I am flattened. The cancer has been so unpredictable but we are all optimistic I will be over this 'blip' soon. Good wishes to everyone. Jenny.

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The kind of anniversary you would never imagine happening is bound to be one that produces mixed emotions. You have had a really tough year, but glad there have been some positives amongst the tricky mix.

I hope you feel better soon. BUT you are allowed to feel down for as long as you need to and do whatever is right for you. I am sure you are getting good care and support in the hospice. Don't grudge yourself the down days, but do pick yourself up when the time is right and do whatever works best for you to bring a smile, a sense of how much you are loved and matter.

best wishes

Lorraine @Roy Castle


Hi Jenny ,

I sent you a reply yesterday but it does not seem to be there today,lost in cyberspace.I hope you get your strength back soon,take it easy for the next few days and you will be ready to cross something else off your list.I agree with you about how many good people try to ease the burden when you need them.Best wishes.



Hi Jenny, I thought I'd sent you a message already, must be chemo brain still fogging up.

As you say we get up and down days and we need to do like you gave and make the best of the good days.

Hope you feel better soon.



Thank you Stewart and Rabbie for your support and good wishes. The Hospice is looking after me so well and doing their best to sort out the combination of drugs and doses to control the nausea.

I know that I am very fortunate to have such a good place to come to- calm and peaceful and lovely gardens but home will be better. Hopefully - soon be there.


Good luck Jenny. Hope you get to return to your bucket list soon. It has been less than three months since my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 NSCLC and so scared for him.


Thank you for your good wishes. I'm sure that you feel upset and frightened - it is such a shock to get alung cancer diagnosis especially stage 4.

I think the most useful thing we have learnt is to try not to look too far ahead but to try to enjoy and cope with each day as it comes. It's easy to say but harder to do but the disease has been so unpredictable that thinking about what might happen and when can be very tiring and upetting. Good luck with treatment and try to hang on to the positives and take any help and support offered - talking through your worries to someone - a kindly GP or someone at the local hospice might be useful and friends appreciate being asked to do things as they often feel useless.

All best wishes



Thank youfot your reply. My husband is through 3 of 6 chemo blasts and we are so grateful that he is tolerating the chemo well. Fatigue and joint pain but no nausea. Lots of massages which help. You are so right that looking ahead can be so tiring. He is always the eternal optimist and I am the opposite. Really trying to live in the moment. Lots of support and love. We lost our only son 11 years ago and we miss him everyday. My husband said cancer is a piece of cake compared to that. Looking into a caregiver support system although the word caregiver bugs me. I will have to come up with a better word. Oh yeah just did. Wife. Thanks for listening. Dorcas


Delighted for you! What a lovely post to read and now 1yr 2 days on! Ur post has given me lots of hope for my dads recent diagnosis. I wish u all the luck & strength in the world & look forward to your 2yr anniversary post xxx


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