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Chemotherapy Cycle Two Weeks 2 and 3

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Hi everyone as you can see I decided to put these two weeks together. I have been more tired this cycle and feel it's slightly harder than cycle one. As you know I developed thrush in my mouth and throat which appears to maybe be a usual occurrence. Sadly I developed thrush down below (you women will know what I mean). Thankfully a call to the oncology nurse and she sorted me out with creams and more tablets. I emphasize here that if you have any problems or side effects you really should phone your team for help and advice, that's what they are there for. If not speak to the nurse on Roy Castle helpline she's great helpful and easy to talk to. It took about a week for the thrush to settle down thank god. I also found that this time round I have been more constipated but again the nurse had gave me some Laxido that helped. This time round as I mentioned I've been a lot more tired and having headaches and feeling sick. The anti sickness tablets they give you did the trick.

These last 3 or 4 days I have started to feel better, sleeping better and feeling a bit better within myself. I have had 2 counselling sessions which at present feel they are helping me get through this treatment but my counselor is now away on 2 weeks holiday so we shall see.

I went on Monday to have my bloods and Covid test as usual before treatment today Thursday. My oncologist telephoned yesterday who gave the go ahead for it to happen. I have to have another blood test today as both my blood levels (red and white) are low and low kidney function. Apparently this is common whilst on chemotherapy. They will check the results and decide where to go from there but treatment goes ahead. It's good to know my team are looking after me.

So with that I wish you all well on your own personal journey and hope that this my journey maybe of some help to someone. I know I would have liked to read about the effects of Chemotherapy beforehand or during, but maybe that's just me.

Take care everyone my thoughts are with you all on this strange journey . ❤❤ xx

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It really is great that you are sharing your journey to help others. Glad you are starting to feel and sleep a bit better and pleased you are being so well looked after by your team. Sending love, best wishes and positive thoughts. x🌻🌺

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Ollie13 in reply to Manninmaid

Thanks and hope you are well ❤ xx

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Manninmaid in reply to Ollie13

Yes thank you I am ok. Had treatment again last week. All went well. Enjoying the late summer sunshine today. 😎xx

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Dear Ollie13, Thank you for sharing your journey, for others hearing what it is like for you experiencing chemotherapy first hand will be of great benefit.

Hope the Thrush is clearing up and very wise advice, if you experience any side effects get in touch with the team who are caring for you as they are in the best position to advise you.

Kind Regards

Helpline Team

Hi just finished my second round too. This has been hard. Tired out but bloods showed neutrophils were at 0.3 white count 1.4 hoping filgrastim injections help.I had a really frightening episode where my arm went into spasm. Lasted few minutes but left it weak and heavy. It was ok next day. Anyone else experienced this? I’ve spoken to my team.

Stay strong x

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Ollie13 in reply to Betty68

Hi Betty68 glad you got in touch with your team that's what they're there for. Yes I agree it's hard going I've not had spasms in my arm but glad you checked it out. I used to be scared to contact my team until they told me off 😆 at my age 😆 so now I do. I've just started Cycle 3 as you read awaiting 2nd blood results to see what happens next. No sure if you get the fantastic steroids before and for1 and half days after treatment but they are great Dexamerthasone very euphoric 🤣 and helps with any existing pain ie in joints etc. Anyway keep in touch let me know how your journey goes good or bad we can compare notes ❤ .Take good care if yourself xx


Sorry to hear that you are feeling Yuk. My daughter has just finished her 6th Chemo and had the same symtoms as you. She found that a Mac donalds Happy Meal helped her to eat and the McFlurry ice cream sold there soothed her throat. These are not something she would necessarily eat when well but something she could tolerate during Chemo and kept her strength up. Chin up you will get there - it just takes time.

Thinking positive thoughts for you.

Hi Molly356Mandy thanks for that advice I normally have soup or milkshakes but I understand the concept behind a McDonald's. I hope your daughter's journey is not too hard omg I'm struggling with dong 4 . I can't imagine more than that. I found Immunotherapy was easier apart from side effects Radiotherapy was brutal but chemotherapy is a hard journey. On that I wish your daughter well on her journey and thanks again. xx


Ollie.I've had 15 rounds of chemo and 20 of immuno now every 3 weeks. I missed a couple of chemo rounds earlier in the year due to bloods showing reduced kidney function - they do like to keep an eye on this. I am currently on a self-imposed "holiday" from the chemo and have now missed 3 rounds so far. ~I was feeling a bit low and fed up with feeling yukky for one week in 3 over such an extended period, although luckily I did not have the range of side effects that you are currently experiencing - like the thrush which must be so wearing. I have a scan tomorrow and hoping that missing the chemo has not had too disastrous an effect on the tumour. If necessary, I'll go back on. I am feeling quite fit and well, exercising and not missing the side effects of the chemo at all!!! I hope things settle down for you and you can enjoy a decent quality of life despite the treatment and manage a glass or two when not on the anti sickness tablets.

Stick in.

Love Mags.

O Mags I'm not coping with the thought of 4 cycles both mentally and physically but 15 out of 20 no wonder you're exhausted. I did 10 rounds of immunotherapy and even though it was stopped due to side effects it had done its job 😀 good luck with your scan tomorrow hope you get the results you need 🤞. Tried having a glass of wine 🍷 omg felt so sick. Anyways take care and look after yourself it's nice to have a team that looks after us ❤ xx

Hi Ollie, I have just finished my 2 nd dose of chemo and 30 sessions of rads, feeling very tired and sickly with the effects of chemo and radiotherapy. The Dexametasone gave me terrible side effects so I was advised to stay of them !

I think it takes longer to recover without them but I’m feeling so much better today x

Onwards and upwards!

Should get a date for the operation tomorrow x I’m just looking forwards to Christmas x thanks to your blog x it’s good to know your not alone going through this x

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Ollie13 in reply to Jules_58

Hi Jules_58 You are also on a difficult journey. Each treatment gets harder. Glad to hear your keeping optimistic which is hard going through chemotherapy as you know. You mentioned your having an operation may I ask is it to do with the cancer. I felt I wanted to write this blog as I felt lost and lonely when I started Chemotherapy and if it can help anyone on this terrible journey then that's good .

I wish you well on this journey keep in touch it is good to know we are not alone ❤❤ stay safe xx

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Jules_58 in reply to Ollie13

Hi Ollie, Yes the surgery is to take a third of my right lung away, I have no idea how this will affect me or if surgery will take all the cancer away ? I am just hoping for the best result and working on keeping myself fit enough for what’s to come x

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Ollie13 in reply to Jules_58

Good luck and look after yourself my thoughts are with you ❤❤Xx

Hi Ollie13 can only imagine the side effects you are experiencing I really feel for you. I know that it's been said before but just to reiterate thank you so much for taking the time to document your progress this will help so many people who enter into this treatment on a journey none of us want to be on. Sending virtual hugs and kindess regards Bebe55 🤗

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Ollie13 in reply to Bebe55

Hi Bebe55 Thanks for your support. Out of all the different treatments I've had Chemotherapy is the hardest for me. I felt if someone got some help from my journey then that's something. This is a hard journey for anyone and yes no one wants to be on it. Thanks again ❤❤xx

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