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Chemotherapy Cycle 3 Week 1

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Hi everyone so as you can see I have now started cycle 3, so here is my week 1 update. I am quite surprised as to how this first week has gone I was expecting it to be worse than week 1 of cycle 2 but it has not been so .No sickness but a few nauseous times thank god for anti sickness tablets I have however been extremely tired and yes thrush has returned upstairs and downstairs. . Thankfully my oncologist nurse gave me enough for the whole treatment as it looks like thrush will be a recurring thing with me😒 . The tiredness has come to me in waves and a couple of days I've not been able to take the dog for a walk, thank god my husband helped out. I did miss not getting out those two days for my mind and body. A short walk out in the fresh air is so good for ones survival on this journey.

Also my oncology team contacted me regarding my blood levels as they are still low. So starting next week I am to have weekly injections of what I am unsure of as yet. It's to boost my levels and hopefully help me to be less tired etc✌.

Please remember if you have any side effects/questions do get in touch with your team and ask for help that's what they are there for.

Will update you at the end off week 3. Take care everyone.

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Hi my neutrophils are always low after chemo. I have injections daily for 10days to boost them. Xx

Great to hear from you Ollie13. Thinking of you over the next few weeks xx

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Dear Ollie13Thank you for the update and you are right in that any early symptoms, or change in symptoms to contact your oncology team early to have the best intervention and manage any symptoms well.

Hope you continue to go okay with it all and if you would like to discuss anything you can contact us either by email at or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi Ollie had my treatment Thurs and yes my thrush has returned also and tierd I was given gelclair for thrush but don't think it helping. We have to keep going I thought as I took off stronger chemo and left on mild one with immuno if feel bit better but not much difference at all. . hopefully next few days we might feel bit better stay strong thinkin of you x

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Hi Margaret I notice you come from Glasgow I'm originally from Galashiels in the Borders. So looking forward to when I can go home to visit my family. Anyway so you have started your treatment good luck I must say I had immunotherapy for my first treatment 3 years ago and was successful. Regarding thrush omg it's a nightmare I'm on Benzydamine Hydrochloride mouthwash then Nystan and cream for the other. Normally takes just over a week to start to get better but really drags you down. It's terrible knowing it's going to happen every treatment 😒. I do hope you're feeling better soon if the gelclair not working ask for something else. Take care and you also stay strong. ❤ xx

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