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Fluid in opposite lung post Lobectomy

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My mum is 4 months post right lung lobectomy, she had an x-ray on Tues which shows this lung is clear - amazing news! However, they said it looks like there's fluid on the left lung, she's to go back in 6 weeks for another x-ray and post that possibly a CT scan, is this a cause for concern?

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I had a lobectomy in July on my right lung and was told by the surgeon in September after an X-ray, I had some fluid still showing on my right lung, but it was getting better and they didn’t seem unduly concerned by it. Just had a CT scan and will get a follow up telephone consultation next week, so was going to ask if the fluid was still there. I can let you know what my consultant advises if this helps. I had the additional CTScan as my resting heart rate abit up and sometimes I am getting a low grade temperature, so not sure if it’s all related, as no other symptoms. Has your mum had any other symptoms?

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Thanks for your reply Becky, after the op my mum had a prolonged air leak, the drain slipped out at home and she was readmitted, her scan at that time showed that the leak had healed, no fluid was identified. Pre op my mum had a high resting heart rate and regular spikes in temperature, which have regulated post op. How has your post op recovery been? My mum is still in a lot of pain and has now been given patches on top of her other meds. I think we underestimated the recovery time.

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Hello shinty thanks for your reply I also had a persistent air leak so had to stay in hospital for 12 days. Doing fairly well have some pain but unbearable so just taking paracetamol and ibuprofen now. Just found my temperature has been abit up and down and heart rate abit higher, but hopefully will find out from my telephone app if anything of concern. It’s sounds like your mum is doing well and I have it re-assuring to get regular scans at least they monitor how your doing. Wishing you mum all the best.

that's wonderful news for her that her lung is clear. we're all different in recovery time and symptoms we might experience later - as we probably go into surgery in a different state of fitness too. my wound reopened and I had to have that dealt with but it was only flagged in my first follow up 4 weeks post surgery. some people develop fluid on their lungs with infections or post surgery and it is usually drained so the scan was to check whether there was anything else going on.. will keep fingers crossed she gets the fluid sorted soon.

Hello, good to hear your mum clear. I had lower right lobectomy in May followed by 3 cycles of chemo. Following my CT end of August which showed no evidence of cancer I was also told there were pockets of fluid on my lung. Which made sense as just before my last chemo cycle I started to get some discomfort in my lung. Oncologist didn’t seem overall concerned at the time and has now referred me back to my Respiratory consultant but I’ve just had an appointment through for January. I think the fluid may of eased off a bit as I’m not experiencing as much pain, just slight discomfort when I take a deep breath or yawn. I thought I’d been seen before January, so they can’t be too worried about it. Would be interested to hear how your mum gets on or if anyone else experiencing same? Thank you

Great to hears your mum's good news. It is not uncommon to have an x ray and post op scan following lobectomy. The doctors will want to identify the reason for the fluid collection e.g any post op inflammation or infection and monitor her to see if there is any increase in the amount of fluid. It’s reassuring to see that she is being closely monitored.

Best wishes.

All the support team at the Roy Castle helpline.

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