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Non smokers lung cancer



My sister was died of non smokers lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) last year and because I mentioned to one doctor (not my own) that as children we were exposed to some asbestos dust and some coke/coal dust, he suggested that I have a lung x-ray every year. I had one xray last year and it was clear but do you think it is necessary every year please? I dont want my GP to think I'm a hypochondriac.


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hello Audrey

Sorry to hear about your sister, it must have been hard on you and the family. We know some of the reasons that lung cancer and other lung diseases develop. One of those is exposure to environmental materials such as coke/ coal dust.

It is good that your GP is being proactive and monitoring your lung health. That should not be considered hypochondria. When it is possible to screen people who may be at higher risk for health problems, it means any changes can be identified early and more effective treatment can be offered.

Hopefully the check ups will carry on being clear, but if you are aware of any changes, or you have something picked up then it will mean you can access early treatment.

best wishes


@Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Hiya A... better if you do get checked each Lung Cancer can rear its ugly head at anytime to anyone who has lungs...doesnt matter if you do / dont smoke.


I have Adenocarcinoma too and would definitely follow your doctors advice to have annual checks. I would not worry if they thought that you are a hypochondriac or not. I think that you are just following good advice.

Best wishes to you xx


Please have the x rays it may be a bit inconvenient but please have them hopefully they will continue to be all clear, but if not the earlier you have treatment the better it is for everyone.



audrey for piece of mind yes and how give a s... what your dr thinks its your piece of mind to get on with your life worry freebest wishes frank

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