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Nerve pain after vats Lobectomy

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Hi folks- although I got the all clear for the lung cancer I’ve had a swelling under right breast since1st week(now 4 weeks since surgery). Dr thought at first it was infection or shingles- it’s neither. Looks like nerve pain. It’s holding back my recovery. Anyone any experience of this and any suggestions? I’m at hospital 2mor for check up and x Ray.

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I experienced nerve pain for a good bit of time after my lobectomy. After 3 years I still have numbness in that area. Hope you have relief soon.

Hello Alison. I had my upper right lobectomy mid March and I still have similar odd sensations under my right breast. It's kind of half numb and half tingly when I touch it. No swelling though. Sorry this probably isn't helping but I always like to hear from people and find it helps.

It's good you're having a check up tomorrow. Hope you find out more and that it be good news. All the best xx

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AlisonPK in reply to lucanus15

Thanks fingers crossed it’s temporary

There are medications that can relieve some of the nerve pain including gabapentin and pregabalin. My vats was done in 2011, at that time there was some nerve damage done. I took gabapentin for a couple of years then asked the dr to taper me off of it. I still experience some neuropathy but it is much reduced and I can tolerate it without med.


I had bilobectomy and chest wall reconstruction 11 years ago. Unfortunately I still have nerve pain I get steroid injections every six months and takeduloxitine, I stopped gabapentin. I have managed to deal with it though and have continued to work full time throughout. Hopefully yours will short lived and my surgery was pretty big and a lot of damage done to nerves. Best of luck xx

Thanks- I just hope the Lung nurse has some suggestions today.

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