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Great news

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So I attended my oncologist to get my CT Scan results immunotherapy appears to be working so I get #4 treatment tomorrow. The lung tumour has shrunk to almost half the size lymph nodes also shrinking so if treatment continues to work I can carry on with it for the next 2 years. Thanks pembrolizumab. I am so so relieved and staying positive. I am aware my cancer can't be cured but as long as this drug can keep it under control and I can have more years with family and friends.

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Hi …. great news. I was wondering and am so pleased for you. Long may the good news continue for you. Hope the next treatment has the same impact. All the best to you, Mikex

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Ollie13 in reply to Mike55Lon

Thanks Mike hope you are okay. I've got my fingers toes etc all crossed for 23rd for your results. Prepare for the worst and HOPE for the best. It's a motto I've always used. Let us know what happens. Best wishes x

Brilliant news for you. Well done.

Best wishes


Brilliant news. So happy for you. :) xx

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. x

Hi Ollie congratulations sounds like your winning the battle you are a true warrior. They have so many new treatments out that are letting stage 3-4 to live longer. I had stage 3 in lympnodes I truly thought I was going to die. They wanted me to do radiation I turned it down because my body wasn't strong enough. I did six months chemo I am now a six year lung cancer survivor.I'll tell you what I tell everyone on HealthUnlocked lung cancer support. I helped get it UP and running..They all tell me it is my voice and the hope I give them. Don't give up keep fighting. My oncologist calls me his little miracle. If it happened to me it could happen to you. If you need to talk I'm here anytime.Love susiejo1948

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Ollie13 in reply to SusieJo1948

Thank you so much you are an inspiration to myself and anyone else on this site. 6 year survivor wow fantastic. Long may you have many more. Yes I won't go down without a fight. Thanks for your kind supportive words. x

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NRd19 in reply to SusieJo1948

Omg that’s so nice to here I’m new and my dad has 3b NSCLC so this is encouraging that your doing so well and along with Ollie on this site it’s fab news x

Happy for you all is going well xx

Fantastic news 😊😊

So happy to hear your good news. Goes us all hope.


great news, tumor shrunk to almost half ! You will be relived that the appointment went so well.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline

Brilliant news, sending you big cyber hugs xxx

Great news. May it continue for a very long time.

Fantastic news! So happy for you! My 21 Month Scans are coming up on January 24th.... I'm also hopeful for a great scan!


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Ollie13 in reply to Gryphon85

Hi Gryphon85

Thank you so much and I wish you well for 24th. Your 21 month scan well that sounds great to get that far almost a year. I pray its the news you want and no doubt deserve. Best wishes for 24th let me know.

Janet x

So pleased for you had 3/12 CT my stage1V NSCLC is static have been on Afatanib since December 2017 planning 5 weeks in France xx

O Kimidge thats great news to hear and all has been static for you since 2017. You deserve 5 weeks in France enjoy chill and live. xx

Great news. So many doing well on the new therapies and new ones being developed all the time. will keep everything crossed for you. good luck.

Hello Ollie 13. I'm happy to be in touch with you, albeit it's the LCa that's brought us together. But so nice to have a fellow traveler her on Healthunlocked. And encouraging to know the treatment is working so well for you. I'm scheduled for PET/CT Mar 8; see onc again Mar 15. We're moving to Pennsylvania from Maryland Apr 8! Don't know where I'll get biopsies, but sure the treatment won't be until after we've moved.

My best wishes to you & let's stay in touch.

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Ollie13 in reply to Lyubov

Hi Lyubov

Was lovely to also hear from you and as you said albeit through here. First let me wish you well for the 8th and the following results. I can still remember the day I got my results I thought it was the end of my world. But one thing this strange journey has taught me is to always try to think positive. I had a lot of mixed feelings as I'm sure everyone does and always thought I'm not going down without a fight. Thankfully and thank God my immunotherapy treatment is working for me with little to no side effects. Long may this last. I pray and hope your results are and here I don't know what to say sorry.

Whatever your results I am here to share your journey even if you are a long way across the sea. Moving soon also wow I wish you well in the move your brain will be in over drive :).

Good luck for 8th and your results on 15th.

Best wishes and yes lets stay in touch xx

Thank you, Ollie13! Indeed my brain is in overdrive! But I shall try to emulate your positive outlook & determination to fight the disease. My faith is a great help to me, too.

Thanks again for your kind, good wishes.!

Pray that you have many more years with your loved ones, so many more treatments becom8ng available too

Wow just had a link to follow you now that’s fantastic news x

That’s fantastic news so pleased for you , we just got back from hospital & dad can start that treatment in the next few days they said 3 week cycle or something xx

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