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The last fortnight has been one I don't wish to repeat. Firstly he was in hospital and diagnosed with a blood clot in his lung and neutrophils. He got home for all of 2 and a half days when he became extremely breathless and confused so ambulance back to hospital. Exacerbation of his copd and infection. Got home again and very weak and tired. Had his chemotherapy today as his blood results much better.

Friends have been amazing though, supplying food and giving lifts whenever needed.

I'm exhausted though as my health isn't good anyway

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Hi Dismal

Thank you for the update and great to hear his bloods results are better. Friends are such a wonderful support and they will be glad they could be of help.

Take good care of yourself and if you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


Sorr y have only just seen this hope your ok .hows things now .are you coping. Its so hard watching someone being ill and you cant make them better as much as we would like to.its a hard road to travel. I fear my husbands journey is nearly over they think i few weeks .hope things pick up for you take care carol x


I'm not coping. The days are long and hard.


It is hard i know .but chin up .you can only do your best .and ask for any help you can get try to have a little time to your self each day even if its popping out for a coffee or a little walk to clear your head .i found this has helped me i might just go out for half an hour just to get away from it all .some times i go while the carers there or if my sons there .goid luck and if you want to message me any time .im going threw it my self so i know how you feel xx carol

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My problem is I'm not in good health myself. A friend took me to church tonight but ended up crying throughout most of the service. M


Im so sorry to here that .im thinking off you i do know how hard it is .my health is fine few aches abd pains with my joints but manly us the not sleeping im watching tv at 4 in the morning. Take care .im akkways here yo listen xx carol


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