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Most dreaded day of my life

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My dad died on sunday morning 14 oct 2012, he had suffered with lung cancer for nearly two years, Eventually it spread to his liver. Up until 5 weeks ago he was doing really well until things started to change. Gradually he got worse but was still able to enjoy life. He was in hospital for his last week and even on his last night was still pain free. It was the worst day of my life but in a strange way i was so happy that eventually he was at peace. No more treatment, injections or intrusive procedures even though he never complained. I loved him so much it hurts but i also feel a strange sense of calm.He was the best , most loving and caring man i have ever met. Thanks for all you helpful comments over the past months, They really helped me in my most difficult time xxxx

11 Replies
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Hi, I am so sorry for your loss, but what a lovely message to all of us that are facing either the cancer ourselves or for our supporters. I have watched my Dad, my darling sister and brother die from this awful disease and each time I felt the same as you did - even though it has been terrible, I felt at peace for my loved ones. On that note, not everyone will succumb to this, many have survived for far more years than expected and are still going strong. The sad thing is we dont know who that will be.

I am now facing major lung problems - it is either COPD or lung cancer, and I could kick myself for having smoked for 40 years - I know many people who have never smoked get this disease and that makes me feel terrible. I had the opportunity to stop and didnt. Those that have never smoked didnt have the same choices. But having this website has made me feel so much better and not so alone.

Thank you all so much for the insight you are giving us, plus the positive encouragement.

Talk soon


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saints in reply to gerim

Thanks, My dad was 80 last christmas and i think he endured this terrible illness better than we ever imagined. I never thought when he was first diagnosed that he would have another two relatively healthy years. Hope you are well xxxx

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Sorry to ehar your news - I lost my mum in july. We were thankful when the end came, but are still coming to terms with it. My Mum's last words to me were "Fancy getting in this state just for smoking. Oh well, too late now" So sad.

We deliberately kept my 18 year old daughter away from seeing her Nanna suffer. How I wish I had made her watch, because we now know her boyfriend has got her into smoking, and she refuses to give it up! Thinks it's cool! maybe she should have seen what 60 years of smoking does to a whole family at the time of death of a loved one.

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Hi there.

So sorry to hear of your sad loss. No more pain for him, and happy memories you can keep forever.

Best, Bill

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Hi Saints, really sorry to hear your news. We're thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. Emma

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dewbery in reply to EmmaG

this is a very nice massage

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ho iam so sorry to hear that

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I'm sad to hear your news but I think the most important part of your comment is that your dad was able to enjoy his life and I'm sure he felt blessed to have someone who loved him as much as you obviously did, indeed it is hard to let our love ones go but sometimes it is kinder to them, your memories will keep you close xxx thinking of you.

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Hi My dad was diagnosed in July with stage 3B and given less than a year. Dad is 83 on 26th of this month and every special event is a milestone for me although he thinks he is getting better.

I too love my dad very much and my thoughts are with you x

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Very sad news, thinking of you

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Thanks for all the lovely messages, its very good of you all to give your time to reply. In one way or another we are all going through similar feelings and facing uncertain futures. Since dad died i have been relatively strong and only this last week or so i just dont seem to stop crying, I know my dad wouldnt want this to see his family upset but i cant help it. When i think of how strong he was all through his illness, especially at the end it makes me feel so week but i am sure he understands . We all forgot at times that he was ill as he never complained, we all thought he was "invincible" xxxx

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