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lung cancer

hi I am a never smoker female age 81 fit and healthy just the normal little health niggles .very happily married 28 yrs .after having back pain in nov 2016 was referred to hospital for a colonoscopy in jan2017 results came back negative for bowel but had showed a spot on left lung .we were devastated further tests have shown the cancer in lung has spread to lymph nodes in chest .just waiting now for biopsy results to show what kind of cancer and to determine treatment .we were told it is not curable.i have lost both parents,two sisters,to cancer and have a half brother with terminal bladder cancer .,we just are finding it so difficult to accept this as I have always been so fit and healthy .our families are so upset and that's really hard to see as you never want to give your family such bad news

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Dear Kirkdale29

So sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is such an exhausting time of emotions and especially when you have been fit and well and I take it no symptoms, this must come as a shock to you and the family.

Have you been told what type of cancer this is yet? Although they have said it is not curable , did the Consultant discuss any potential for treatment to prevent the cancer from spreading?

Please keep us posted how your results go.

We have lots of information on our webiste and if you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse-led helpline number on 0333 323 7200

Wishing you all the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team


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