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Lung cancer


I never thought I'd be writing a post on a cancer site, but my dad passed away just shy of 4 weeks ago from stage 4 lung cancer. From diagnosis to the end it was 5 months. What gets me is that he had symptoms for almost a year beforehand and they were not picked up properly despite going to the DRs many times and taking himself off to A and E twice with symptoms such as; weight loss, fatigue, bone pain in his back. I am also at a loss why the biggest killer of men is not routinely screened for when other cancers such as bowel, breast, cervical are? My pops was the best of men and seeing him die from this disease has been heart breaking to say the least.

Thanks, Di

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Hi Di,

So sorry to hear about your dad, it must be very difficult for you and your family just now. Here in Scotland there is a Scottish Office ''Detect Cancer Early'' campaign running and the aim is to avoid people having to go through the traumas that your dad did by creating awareness among the general public and the medical profession about the symptoms of this awful disease. The Roy Castle Lung Foundation are also involved and the more information and publicity that can be generated about getting proper diagnosis and treatment for Lung Cancer then hopefully the statistics will start to be improved along the lines of the other cancers. I know this is small consolation to you for the loss of your dad but i for one will try and get the message across to anyone who will listen.




Thanks for replying Rab, didn't think anyone would read my post. I feel like I need to do something to help get lung cancer talked about more and for the NHS to routinely screen. I sense that it doesn't get priority as it's linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking, but it is wrong to assume that it's just caused through smoking and so what if it is, other cancers are caused by lifestyle choices and yet they screened for, it can just be bad luck and sometimes it's because Drs don't really listen properly to their patients.

Spreading the message will help. Thanks.



So sorry to year about your dad, Didi. Before I had lung cancer I thought everyone with it had been a smoker. Mine was not smoking related, as is 40% of lung cancers in women. Mine was discovered by a simple xray because I went to A&E with chest pain. Caught early I am almost 1 yr on having lost 1/2 a lung but otherwise healthy. I can now see the point of early detection as it can be a silent killer with very few symptoms too. If mine had been left undiscovered I could be posting a much scarier post now. Take care.


Im so sorry for your loss, I understand how heartbroken you must be as i lost my dad to lung cancer 16 months ago and like you say my dad was the same, back and forward to dr with chest infection and fatigue, as soon as one lot were finished it would come back. I cant believe looking back now that it wasnt picked up on, I loved my dad so much , he was an amazing man and dont feel like i will ever really get over losing him, .Its strange how i too thought i would never write on one of these cancer websites, one of the diseases i thought my family were immune to, like it didnt affect people like us, How wrong i was. Thinking about you at this sad time June xxxx


Di, I am so sorry for your loss. My husband has nsclc and I learned that there is now prescreening which I believe would have caught his cancer much earlier. The "what ifs" are what keep us up at night. I hope you love and memories of your father will help. Dorcas


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